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If you’re new to International Teaching & want someone to evaluate your chances of landing an Overseas position, who do you turn to for advice? Hands down, the best individuals to consult would be International Educators already in the m8bet online casino gamesfield & teaching candidates in your same situation who have already picked up useful information. With this thought in mind, prospective overseas teachers regularly post details of their qualifications & unique family situations to the ISR Forum. They then invite Forum members to offer personalized advice. Here’s some recent examples from the ISR Forum: (Note: the Forum is subject to our Terms of Use)

m8bet Mobile app I am 30 years of age and Dutch. I have a MA in Globalization and Development Studies (fully English-taught program) and a BEd in History from a respected Dutch university of applied science. I have some prior experience in teaching… Answer this Forum Post

Advice Needed: I am really sold on becoming an international school teacher but I could use some advice as to the appropriate route. I am a recent graduate with a major in Economics…Answer this Forum Post

My Situation: I’m currently teaching at a MS in the US as an EC teacher (special education) in my second year and am certified to teach Special Ed k-12th and just added a certificate to teach MS Language Arts, and plan on getting my social studies certificate for MS. How viable am I as a candidate to be an International teacher?… Answer this Forum Post

Would We Qualify as a Teaching Couple? I am currently teaching SEN at an IB International school with my husband who is a “trailing spouse.” What would the chances be of us getting hired as a teaching couple? Answer this Forum Post

Teaching Couple Teach Same Subject: My husband and I are very interested in teaching internationally. However, we both teach the same subject, health and physical education. We are both certified pre k-12th. Before I spend an exorbinant amount of money applying to recruiting agencies… Answer this Forum Post

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Do any of the above situations sound like your situation? If so, there’s helpful advice on the ISR Forum. Do you have advice to offer or questions of your own? We invite you to visit the ISR Forum to share and resolve individual recruiting questions.

To post to the ISR Forum you’ll need to take a minute to register. Your ISR Member log in is not activated to also log you into the Forum. When you post to the Forum, your chosen user name will display so choose with this thought in mind. m8bet Mobile appThe ISR Forum is Open to All. If you haven’t done so already, Register Now! Be sure to see the activation link in your email.