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We recently sent an email to key people m8bet online sports bettingat Search, TIE, ISS, AISH, COIS, and more, inviting them to review teachers’ comments about the international teaching-candidate shortage. We also invited them to comment on the situation and to share any plans they have in the works to solve this dilemma. We are encourage m8bet mobile loginby the response and have posted their replies below.

Recruiters’ Responses

June 3, 2008

Hi Ben:

I have copied Richard’s note (see below) to Elsa Lamb, Executive Director of AAIE, and Bambi Betts, CEO of AISH, who jointly chair the International Recruitment Task Force. As team leaders, they m8bet Mobile appwill guide our discussion to include, consider and address relevant points raised about this important topic, such as those shared by your readers.

We look forward to raising awareness about the significant opportunities for educators that exist at international schools around the world!

Jane Larsson
m8bet mobile loginDirector of Recruitment and International Partnerships 
Visiting International Faculty Program

From Richard Tangye / COIS)

Thank you for your message, and for raising the issue of the shortage for schools around the world.

May I suggest that you submit your comments to Jane Larsson, so that they can be incorporated into the overall review. While we at CIS clearly m8bet sports bettinghave our own views, I feel it more productive if the views from the whole community are included in a single strategic review.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Tangye