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I know my membership is active so why does the “membership expired” screen pop up when I try to log in?
This happens when you had a previous membership m8bet mobile loginthat expired, and that membership used a different user name and/or password than your newest membership. If you submitted a new membership form when you rejoined the site, this may be your situation. If you can’t remember your new log in, use the lost password feature on the log in page to retrieve your most current information.

I received the “membership expired” screen because I used m8bet Mobile appthe log in from my expired membership. Now I have the log in information for my new membership but the “expired” screen keeps popping up when I try to log in. I do I stop this?
You’ll need to restart your browser to clear this message. If you continue to get the message you’ll need to restart your computer. You may also need to clear temp. files and cookies.

How can I change my user name or password?
m8bet online sports bettingPlease write to us from the email address you used to join the web site. Write to us at internationalschoolsreview@gmail.com Tell us your old user name and password and specify the changes you would like made. We’ll update our records and send confirmation. If you no longer have the email address used to join the site, send the last four digits of the credit card used to m8bet sports bettingjoin the site along with your request.

How do I edit my review I already submitted?
All reviews submitted to ISR are anonymous.  Because of this we can not verify that you are the original author of the review.  Please be sure that what you submit is what you want to share because reviews can not be editted or removed.

I’m an ISR member. Why doesn’t my log in work at the forums?
In the welcome letter m8bet Mobile appwe sent when you joined the site we explain the forum requires a separate registration procedure. You’ll find the “register” link at the forum. We set it up this way because many site members prefer that their members’ area user name not be displayed on the forum. Keep in mind that forums display the users name next to postings.

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