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International Schools Review is essentially a network of International Educators who are keeping each other up-to-date on their particular International m8bet mobile loginSchool experience. First hand, candid, inside information on individual schools is what site members provide for each other. None of us want to take chances with our careers. ISR is the place to get the information you need to stay safe. Tour ISR before YOU join

The staff at International Schools Review have all lived and taught in a variety of countries, m8bet Mobile appfrom the first world to the extreme third world. Most importantly, we all agree that our years of overseas teaching and learning have been the highlight of our lives. Each of us at ISR has also had the good fortune of experiencing a number of top-notch schools and directors, welcoming host countries and wonderful travel opportunities. m8bet online sports bettingConversely, we have all been lured-in by directors who were not exactly forthright in their description of their school and/or host country. Had we been privileged to the first-hand type of information found in ISR we would have successfully avoided these episodes in our lives.

Some years ago, a series of articles were published in a well known periodical m8bet Mobile appconcerning teachers breaking their contracts with overseas schools. A group of teachers wrote in to say that they had been treated unfairly by what they felt were less than professional directors, and upon their resignation were summarily barred by the major recruiting agencies. Many of these individuals were seasoned overseas teachers that m8bet sports bettingwould not normally leave a position.

In response to these articles, and our own personal experiences, International Schools Review came into existence. With so many truly wonderful opportunities available in the world of international teaching, a worldwide network of teachers keeping each other informed is of tremendous value to us all.

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The Staff of ISR

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