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There are many ways to get your point across, some more tactful than others. I think we’ll all agree that whatever your point or approach, examples & elaboration always add credibility & utility to any statement. After all, in the absence of these elements we are left with simple name m8bet mobile logincalling, which does little to enhance a School or Admin Review. Additionally, m8bet sports betting Reviews that attempt to belittle, discredit or demean previous posters will not post.  Here are some examples of rejected comments:

Too many illegal activities to list… 

The English teacher who was fired for flirting probably wrote those nasty comments…

They cheated me. These people are a bunch of crooks. Stay away! (Note: This is the entire Review)

The owner is in the mafia, or has a mafia ‘friend’. m8bet mobile loginHe has NO moral fiber…

The PE teacher probably wrote those comments. He did a runner…

This is the lowest-end international school. Run as fast as you can from this school.
(Note: This is the entire Review)

The board is made up of a bunch of housewives with two brain cells between them

STAY AWAY!!! Over the past 4 years there have been many questionable & shady decisions made by upper administration. (Note: This is the entire Review)

He hires mostly young women because he is looking for a good-looking wife…

m8bet online sports bettingWithout a doubt, some teachers have had incredibly trying times at their schools & sharing experiences with colleagues via ISR helps other educators make informed career decisions. But without collaborative information & examples provided, comments have little value to ISR Members.

Yelp & other well-known product/services review sites have adopted a policy of not posting baseless comments which hinge on a customer simply venting their frustration. When m8bet Mobile appsubmitting a School Review, ISR recommends authors consider what value their comments will have for potential job-seeking colleagues. We suggest teachers avoid the following:

‘He said–she said’ sequels & soap opera reporting that delves into relationships, conversations & motivations to which one is not privy

Inflammatory comments, an overtone of venting, revenge &/or character attack

Broad, sweeping generalizations with nothing sited to back them up. For Example: everyone hates him / m8bet sports bettinghe has absolutely no qualifications.

A focus on character traits & personality flaws outside the school environment

Discussions of administrators’ children (no matter what age) and or spouse, specific parents or specific children.

ISR is here to serve as a voice for the International Teaching Community, helping each other make informed decisions about schools around the world. Maintaining a professional, tactful, insightful tone when reviewing schools will help ensure ISR’m8bet sports bettings utility & benefit to colleagues. Click Here to Post a School Review.