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November 19, 2008

Hello there from one of the Damascus Community School refugees. I’m sure you’ve heard by now that after the US attack in Syria that killed 8 civilians, the Syrian government retaliated by closing our school and forcing all foreign hires to leave within 3 days. So, there are now 30-some terrific teachers looking for work for 09-10 and feeling a bit lost at sea. 

I’m writing to thank you for the service m8bet online sports bettingyou provide in giving personal feedback on international schools. ISS has offered to reactivate all teachers’ files free of charge and waive fees to the Bangkok conference as well. I wonder if this is something you might also consider in support of the crisis many teachers are now facing, especially those with families. 

DCS has promised everyone their paycheck through June, but since a good part of our package included housing, many find themselves in dire straits. Again, thank you for your hard work and for ‘listening’.


A Teacher from DCS and ISR Site Member 

Note: It made our day at ISR to be invited to participate in the effort to support staff evacuated from the Damascus Community School. For us, the invitation m8bet online casino gameshelps validate the work we do here. We have activated a special log in for this group of teachers. We wish all involved success in securing new positions.
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Offers to Help Displaced Teachers From Damascus Community School

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Writes to Offer Positions to Evacuated Teachers.

November 22, 2008

Dear Dr. Spilchuk,
As Principal of Pacific American School in Hsinchu, Taiwan and a member of International School Review, I read the article about the plight of the Damascus Community School teachers. If you have a way to contact them, you may forward this email to them.

We are a K12 school that is growing; PAS currently has a little over 200 students. We have several m8bet mobile loginpossible openings, depending upon a teacher’s certification. We could immediately use a teacher for AP Psychology and high school science. We have an overcrowded situation. Our school is also searching for a qualified PE/Health teacher for K-12.

For next year (09-10), we are looking for Spanish, French, psychology, computer, science, and math teachers. Immediately, we are searching for an IT person who is also able to teach a couple of classes.

Our school offers a comfortable salary for Taiwan, low cost national health insurance, and free tuition for up to two children of a faculty family. Having a “trailing spouse” does not impede an applicant’s progress.

Resumes, certificates, m8bet Mobile appand recommendations may be sent to either of the addresses above (the school’s Head and myself).

Dr. Carolyn Still
Tricia Herbert, IB Project Manager for King Faisal Foundation, 

Writes to Offers Positions to Evacuated Teachers.

November 25, 2008

Dear ISR,

I just read about the teachers who have been forced to leave Syria at short notice and would welcome the opportunity to be put in touch with them.

The International Baccalaureate Organization is just in the process of setting up a joint project with the King Faisal foundation under the “Advancement Projects” arm of the IBO which is working to increase access to quality education to wider populations around the world. Projects are currently under way in places such m8bet Mobile appas Aceh and Sri Lanka; many more are planned. The project in KSA has a long term vision of providing training for teachers throughout the Arab world. It is beginning by creating a lab school in Riyadh. 

I am the project manager and would welcome applications from any of the teachers displaced from Damascus who may be seeking employment immediately. King Faisal School, which is the initial base for the project, is willing immediately to increase its cohort of expat teachers in order to give every possible support for the success of this project.

Any of the teachers is welcome to contact me directly at the above e-mail address. Teachers with previous IB experience would be especially welcome as would anyone who would m8bet online casino gamesbe enthusiastic about joining a school which has 3 on-site IB trainers working full time to develop teaching and learning at the school, weekly professional development sessions and a mentor/coach for every teacher.

Tricia Herbert
Project Manager.