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Woman writing a review of an International School

Don’t Leave Your Career to Chance

• Is the school Director competent? What’s it really like to work for him/her on a daily basis?

• Is there an atmosphere of fear created by top-down admin or a good feeling of collegiality?

• Are rich, entitled kids & parents calling the shots? Who’s really in charge?

• Is there strong academic integrity or are grades inflated to appease powerful parents?

• Does the school Pay on time? Are contracts honored?

• Are passports held by the school so you can’t leave?

• Are teacher evaluations transparent? Have teachers been fired on a whim?

• Is the work environment bully free?

• Is there real help with visas, housing, shipping & settling in? Or, are you on your own?

What are International Educators saying about ISR?

m8bet online casino gamesAfter reading reviews of  a certain school, that shall remain unnamed, I couldn’t believe that what I read could be true. So, I decided to post a few questions about this school to the ISR Member Forum. Within a day 2 teachers at the school answered me and gave me the low down on the place. When I sent the director a couple of questions based on what I had learned he side-stepped my questions. He actually sounded more like a politician running for office than a school director. I declined the offer. Thanks for this great site! Keep up the good work.

Hello ISR,
You’re the only site I know of that actually lets us tell-it-like-it-is. I want to thank you for that. I tried to warn colleagues about the inept Director that ran my last school and other review m8bet online sports bettingsites removed my post. I won’t mention names. Thanks ISR for giving us something that’s really about helping teachers.

Dear International Schools Review,
I have found that teachers in international schools have no protection..i.e. professional organizations. Most international teachers are at the mercy of the administration. The admin. know they have teachers over a barrel…you do as I say or you can quit…and if you do….no recommendations. I have seen many, many times that even when international teachers work hard they receive evaluations that are very unfair. Thank you for giving us a place where we can post the truth.

Dear ISR,
I’m a member, and I love what you do. It is truly empowering for teachers. Keep up the great work!

Dear ISR,
I think the power of this site comes through m8bet online casino gamesthe directors knowing that we, as teachers, now have something to work with. Hopefully, in the end, ISR will help to provide more accountability on the part of all directors. Thanks….

Dear folks at International Schools Review,
Thank you for actually doing what I am sure many of us international teachers out here on the international school circuit have talked about. I have recently found a great international teaching position after a couple of really woeful schools. It is great that you are providing a service to international teachers that is truly Independent. After all, recruiters really act as agents for the international schools and not the teachers. Perhaps your site may have the effect of forcing the fourth and fifth rate international schools out there to pull up their socks a little if they m8bet sports bettingwish to recruit teachers. Fantastic work!! This was an early Christmas present for me. My past international schools are already flying their flag of mediocrity on your web site. Thanks.

Dear ISR…
I wish I would have known about this site before I came to this school. I have not told the school I am leaving, but will hopefully not have to return in September. I have never thought of doing anything so unprofessional in my life.

Hi there!
Just wanted to say thanks for creating this website – it’s about time somebody did it. I’ve often sat with groups of teachers and discussed the need for such a service. Hope this is a huge success. Will pass your address on to others. Regards.

Dear International Schools Review,
..by the way, I REALLY think that this something that TV News such as 60 Minutes or 20/20 should investigate. I would love to see some solid investigative m8bet online casino gamesreporting done on the topic of international schools. There are far too many international schools that get away with unfair hiring practices as they are not held accountable.

Dear International Schools Review,
Love the web site and have been spreading the word. Thanks! As a teacher who is looking to teach overseas in an international school I greatly value this website……Thanks

Hello International Schools Review,
I just wanted to thank you for helping me find a great position. At the last conference I had three job offers. Reading what other teachers had to say about these schools helped me to pick the best school for me. I would be completely bummed next school year if I had not read your reviews and chosen one of the other two schools. Man, they sound like disasters. Thanks for making this site. I’ll send m8bet online sports bettingyou an updated review of the school after I’m there for a while. I’m sure it will be very positive. Thanks again. Thank you for your time and the courage to begin this venue.