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Monthly Travel Column by Paul W. Gioffi
Edition 11

Disclaimer: While travel can be exciting and rewarding there are unforeseen dangers that may arise. The Information presented in Paul’s articles is the author’s personal opinion and what may have worked for him yesterday may not work for someone else m8bet mobile logintoday or tomorrow. Therefore, you agree to use any and all information provided by the author at your own risk and agree that you will hold the author and ISR harmless in regard to any and all instances that may arise or result from use of this material.

Following, you’ll find travel tips number 31 and 32 from Paul W. Gioffi. To read the introduction to this column which began in February of 2006 please see Edition 1. To access other previous editions please see the Index.

Entry 31: Disposable Possessions

Sounds m8bet Mobile applike an oxymoron but it’s something to think about when traveling overseas, particularly if you’re out and about for a lengthy amount of time. For the backpacker, it’s best to pack light anyway, carrying with you only the bare essentials; the reliable items you consider tried and true. Try to match the style and amount of clothing and footwear to the places and terrain of your destination(s). Have pieces that are interchangeable, can be washed and dried easily and are suitable for multiple occasions. Beyond this m8bet online casino games(if there’s still space) take things that can be labeled as disposable. Things that can be given away as gifts or discarded at any time. The less you own, the less you are owned. By doing this, you’ll allow yourself more space for those interesting little tidbits and pieces of clothing you’ll see along the way, while contributing to the local economy.

Entry 32: All Who Wander Are Not Lost

Some people only have two weeks each year as vacation time, so they feel it’s necessary to plan out the entire trip, from start to finish, so as not to waste a m8bet online sports bettingsingle minute. The vacation period, once sought after as a rest and a break from the work schedule, has become a time when more energy is expended that the other fifty weeks of the year. That’s part of our evolution and a choice that each individual makes for him/herself. Others are able to spend more time on the road and have adopted a more leisurely travel schedule. Whatever your itinerary, try to allocate at least one full day at each of your destinations as a wandering day. This is the day that has no agenda and sometimes turns out m8bet online sports bettingto be the best part of your journey. Wander through the forest, take a stroll outside the city gates, meander across cobblestone streets, plant yourself in the village square and ‘people watch’ for a while, and have a chat with a stranger at the corner café. Lose yourself to find yourself. Breaking away from the well-trodden tourist gamut may calm your nerves, reveal interesting idiosyncrasies, and offer you some insight on a new place or culture that might otherwise be missed.

m8bet online casino gamesI hope you have enjoyed this month’s edition of Well-Weathered Travel Survival Notes & Other Curious Observations. Check back next month for a new entry. Until then, safe travels.
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