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Monthly Travel Column by Paul W. Gioffi
Edition 19

Disclaimer: While travel can be exciting and rewarding there are unforeseen dangers that may arise. The Information presented in Paul’s articles is the author’s personal opinion and what may have worked for him yesterday may not work for someone else today or tomorrow. Therefore, you agree to use any m8bet online casino gamesand all information provided by the author at your own risk and agree that you will hold the author and ISR harmless in regard to any and all instances that may arise or result from use of this material.

Following, you’ll find travel tip 40 from Paul W. Gioffi. To read the introduction to this column which began in February of 2006 please see Edition 1. To access other previous editions please see the Index.

Entry 40: Thanks For the Help

Believe it or not, there are people who would do you harm; verbally, physically or spiritually. Some commit these offenses with premeditation m8bet mobile login– an ugly situation. Others may cause you harm in a more innocent and unsuspecting manner. In fact, when doing so, the latter truly believe in their own minds that they’ve done something good rather than bad (I’ve had the subsequent arguments to prove this). These slippery-tongued, so-called do-gooders are the bus drivers, waiters and waitresses, newspaper and souvenir vendors, department store guards and any other local passerby that one may encounter. They’ll tell you with the utmost certainty the correct way to go. They won’t even flinch. They’ll provide opening and m8bet online casino gamesclosing times even before you finish your question. Directions and accompanying information appears so precise from their mouths, and their countenances seem so reassuring, you’ll think that the god of good information has smiled upon you. Then, you walk away saying, ´thank you very much for your help.´ Many times, the hidden problem that has just sprouted is that they really did not know what they were talking about and the information just shared sends you into the land of confusion, frustration and wasted time. Follow their directions for just a short time m8bet online sports bettingand you’ll come to understand. They don’t even know me so what motive could they have for lying to me? Why, then, do they lie? I believe it’s a way that some people quickly empower themselves, especially if you’re playing the foreigner in distress. Suddenly, that doorman, vendor or police officer becomes the host country’s anointed tourist information center. Perhaps they would feel embarrassed if they could not offer any advice, regardless of its accuracy. The exchange is made. You confidently go on your way with your new, ill-received information and he/she remains behind m8bet online sports bettingwith some sort of ill-gotten satisfaction. Beware of the friendly information façade. The smiles, finger-pointing and geysers of free advice look good on the outside but, behind the smokescreen may be someone who really doesn’t know. Yes, I understand that I am asking you for something but it would be better if he/she could just say, ´Sorry, I can’t help you.´ Trust me, I won’t hold it against you. I’ll even thank you for telling me the truth and not wasting my time. Unless you have plenty of time to spare and want to practice your foreign language skills, or the lengths of your m8bet online sports bettingpatience, I suggest investing in an updated guidebook, map and phrase book.

I hope you have enjoyed this month’s edition of Well-Weathered Travel Survival Notes & Other Curious Observations. Check back next month for a new entry. Until then, safe travels.
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