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The organization of the fair was great. Although this was a smaller fair compared to the others, I think that made it much more manageable. m8bet online sports bettingIt was very easy to get to the presentations of the schools as wells as the interviews. The staff was exceptional, and very helpful, they far exceeded my expectations. The communication was very good. The location to the airport was very accommodating. Although I didn’t stay at the hotel of the fair. There was a cheaper hotel right across the parking lot for half the price. m8bet sports bettingPlenty of time for interviews. I received three offers out of four interviews and this was my first fair. I’m very pleased and excited about the offer I accepted. I would definitely recommend this fair to others. The only thing I would change is notification on the Search associates web site about each time a school views your profile.

United States 3/1

The fair was lots of fun, good energy, great m8bet online casino gamespresentations. It was my first, so I was a bit hesitant of the process where many people went straight to filling the recruiters file folders with their cv’s plus additional information. Laptops were buzzing, people were comparing notes, lots of interviews and job offers. The only problem that I experienced, was that job offers were given to candidates that m8bet mobile loginwere not listed on the search associates web site or on the notices posted in the candidates room. This gives the recruiters an unfair advantage where they have total control and I had thought the intent of the fairs were to have a more level playing field.

United States 3/1

The number of schools was a disappointment to many. Compared to other fairs, the selection was quite limited. Some schools m8bet sports bettingreceived a flood of requests, while others seemed virtually empty. Support from Search Associates staff was very good–specific and honest. Free Wi Fi was available. Organization was excellent. If you really want a large selection of schools and a fast-paced hiring environment, go to the Cambridge or UNI fair. This fair is really just for people who aren&m8bet online sports betting#8217;t experienced with international teaching.