November Additions To ISR

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New School Reviews

• Escuela Las Morochas Venezuela 11/30 evaluation 4
The board is active at school, they provide support to the administration and to teachers as well…

• Internationale Schule am Rhein Germany 11/30 evaluation 11
Educational quality is definitely of minor importance because this school does not invest in teachers…

• Yew Wah Int’l Education School Guangzhou China 11/29 evaluation 2
A part of me just wanted to let the awful experience I had die in my past, but a larger part of me knew that it wasn’t right to keep people in the dark…

• Escuela Campo Alegre Venezuela 11/29 evaluation 7
I came to this school because it had a good reputation. What a shock!..

• Guangzhou Nanfang International School China 11/29 evaluation 18
Sadly a change of school name cannot change the realities facing a very poorly managed school…

• The English Academy Kuwait 11/29 evaluation 26
Overall, the school is decent but staff morale is at an all time low…

• Canadian International School Cambodia 11/28 First time reviewed on ISR

• British School Kathmandu Nepal 11/28 evaluation 7
Unlike a conventional international school, this school has got a different set up and environment…

• International School Brunei 11/25 evaluation 17
A great school with fantastic, dedicated teachers. I would recommend both the country and the school to any family wanting to move to Asia…

• British International School Jeddah Saudi Arabia 11/25 evaluation 8
The damage has been done and is so deep-rooted it will take more than a new Head to rebuild the community BISJ once was!..

• Vientiane International School Laos 11/25 evaluation 11
Limited teaching resources, m8bet sports bettinglack of funds due to low student enrollment made it difficult to order supplies…

• Guangzhou Nanfang International School China 11/25 evaluation 17
GNIS is still in operation and has been on a steady upward trajectory over the past 10 months…

• EtonHouse International Preschool Chengdu China 11/25 evaluation 2
This is a fine place to work if you can ignore negativity easily. As far as living in Chengdu, it is quite an adventure…

• Beijing International School BISS China 11/23 evaluation 5
The owner of the school has just commenced construction on an air purified sports dome. This dispelled the theory of there being a “cash crunch”…

• Ivy Collegiate Academy Taiwan 11/23 evaluation 24
This is a boarding school, so you are not only acting as their teacher, but also their mentor, parent, guidance counselor, coach, and supervisor…

• British International School Jeddah Saudi Arabia 11/23 evaluation 7
The students are a delight to teach. It is such a pity the current senior school regime are chasing away anyone who is at least half competent…

• Albanian College Durres Albania 11/22 evaluation 19
This is a school for wealthy or upper middle class Albanians. Outside of children of teachers there are no international students enrolled…

• Aqaba International School Jordan 11/22 evaluation 3
Students will often fight amongst themselves, they will also create unbelievable stories about teachers and management believes them…

• American International School Egypt 11/22 evaluation 45
The experience was great as a place to be a tourist teacher. However, the quality of the school and the teaching is very average and very traditional…

• New Zealand Independent School Indonesia 11/21 evaluation 10
This school is NOT affiliated with any ministry or teaching organisation in New Zealand…

• Bilkent Laboratory & International School Turkey 11/21 evaluation 24
The kids are really good. The biggest problem is that due to the culture in Turkey, students are obsessed by test scores and predicted grades…

• Ras Al Khaimah Academy UAE 11/21 evaluation 11
The academic honesty in the school is good but Ras Al Khaimah like m8bet Mobile appthe rest of the UAE are still developing in this area…

• New Sathorn International School Thailand 11/21 evaluation 2
Teachers resources were simply large American textbooks not suitable for ESL learners. You could not do anything except start on page one…

• Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro Brazil 11/18 evaluation 4
Rio is not for the faint of heart or the shrinking violet. It’s a place to be out and about constantly…

• Rowad Al Khaleej Saudi Arabia 11/18 evaluation 4
The first thing to keep in mind is that you MUST pass all students, no matter how poorly they are doing…

• ACS Doha International School Qatar 11/18 evaluation 2
This review has been created after gathering information from various sources in order to give the most ’rounded’ review of the school possible…

• Jeddah Prep and Grammar School Saudi Arabia 11/18 evaluation 13
This is not a sinking ship it is a sunken ship…

• British School Tashkent Uzbekistan 11/17 First time reviewed on ISR

• Pan Asia International School Thailand 11/17 First time reviewed on ISR

• Newton International Academy Qatar 11/17 evaluation 2
This school has come a long way since its opening in 2013. It is a good school with some great qualities…

• Yew Wah International Education School Yantai China 11/16 evaluation 2
A re-used school building, largely inadequate for the provisions it claims to offer…

• GEMS American Academy Dubai UAE 11/16 evaluation 15
For the most part, students are well-behaved and hard working…

• Dukhan English School Doha Qatar 11/16 evaluation 14
The facilities are second to none and the housing and financial package are better than anywhere else in the gulf…

• Jeddah Knowledge School Saudi Arabia 11/15 evaluation 20
No professional development whatsoever… you bring your own professional resources…

• Keystone Academy China 11/15 evaluation 2
A great deal of effort has gone into this school, but the marketing and the reality are very different…

• Saint Paul American School Philippines 11/15 evaluation 2
I’m a parent & my kids have been at this school for several years. My kids loved the school until the new headmaster was hired…

m8bet online sports betting• Chiang Rai International School Thailand 11/14 evaluation 7
Chiang Rai is a great town. But this school is not a great place to work if you are someone with integrity who wants to do your best for your students…

• Antwerp International School Belgium 11/14 evaluation 15
Technically the “school” can get away hiring unqualified teachers because they are not registered as a school but as a company…

• Beanstalk International Bilingual School China 11/14 evaluation 11
The overall organizational structure at the school is horrible…

• Kuwait National English School Kuwait 11/11 evaluation 15
The kids are fantastic and the salary is reasonably satisfactory. However, the School is micromanaged by a certifiable…

• Aqaba International School Jordan 11/10 evaluation 2
For those of you willing to withstand daily student abuse for a big pay packet- listen closely!..

• Advanced Generations Schools Jeddah Saudi Arabia 11/10 evaluation 5 Parent review of school…

• Canadian International School Bangladesh 11/10 evaluation 2
Classes are small, kids are great…

• Xi’an Hi-Tech International School 11/9 evaluation 10
If pollution, lack of local major medical care, and weird financial practices doesn’t cause substantial concern, I recommend…

• Doshisha International School Kyoto Japan 11/9 evaluation 2
Grade inflation and “teaching to the test” do not happen at DISK, as we are not a results oriented school…

• The International School Azerbaijan 11/9 evaluation 16
It’s been some time now. I won’t sugar coat it, I had my ups and downs there, but I got to know it pretty well…

• Escuela Bella Vista Maracaibo Venezuela 11/9 evaluation 12
All in all, EBV is an okay school. I recommend it to new teachers looking to grow their resumes and gain IB experience…

• International Bilingual School Hsinchu Taiwan 11/8 evaluation 8
Taiwan tax law requires you be in country 183 days after Jan 1st or pay 18% tax. You will pay the 18% your first & last year…

• Dasman Bilingual School Kuwait 11/8 evaluation 52
The latest mess in this school includes a special needs student finding his way out of the school and getting lost…

• Canadian International School Japan 11/8 evaluation 8
m8bet Mobile appThere are some good things about working at CIS…

• International School Koje Korea 11/8 evaluation 1 & 2
This review originally posted on July 28th, 2016. It was submitted a second time on November 7, 2016. Both submissions are identical…

• American School Vietnam 11/7 evaluation 17
Interestingly, this pattern of bad behavior just keeps repeating over & over…

Advanced Learning Schools Saudi Arabia 11/7 evaluation 5
Students here come from backgrounds where there is no responsibility..

American International School Dhaka Bangladesh 11/7 evaluation 17
This school used to be a great place to work at, but the tides are turning. I have decided to leave after this year…

• Del Mar Academy Costa Rica 11/4 First time reviewed on ISR

• International School Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 11/4 evaluation 26
Due to the economic turmoil of Mongolia, I doubt if the school can enroll the expected numbers of students…

• International School the Hague Netherlands 11/4 evaluation 4
Although the school is growing quite rapidly, the facilities are still good and there is no shortage of technology and resources…

• North Jakarta International School Indonesia 11/2 evaluation 7
The school is small right now, but if it is able to maintain its current standard, the school will get much larger very soon…

• American Academy Casablanca Morocco 11/2 evaluation 16
I’ve worked there for many years and I kept on desperately hoping that things would change, as they promised us continuously, but it’s only getting worse…

• Waad Academy School Saudi Arabia 11/1 First time reviewed on ISR

• Beijing International Bilingual Academy China 11/1 evaluation 19
BIBA administration seems not to understand that teacher satisfaction and ultimate retention hinges on open communication and fair treatment…

• Internationale Schule am Rhein Germany 11/1 evaluation 10
Teachers are overworked, stressed and unhappy…

Director & Principal Reports

• Peter Donkin 11/30 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Ihsan Dogrimaci Bilkent Erbil College Iraq

• Tamara Black 11/30 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
American School Dubai UAE

• Jonathan Warner 11/29 (Director Report 2)
Jeddah Prep and Grammar School Saudi Arabia

• Mike Belkin 11/28 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Ivy Collegiate Academy Taiwan

• John Cheska 11/28 (Director Report 8)
Ivy Collegiate Academy Taiwan

• Theressa Smith 11/25 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
American International School Guangzhou China

• Julie Lawton 11/22 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
m8bet Mobile appBeijing City International School China

• Terry Senior 11/21 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Shanghai Singapore International School China

• Jessica Martinez 11/18 (Principal Report 2)
American International School Abuja Nigeria

• Jim Hardin 11/18 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
GEMS American Academy Dubai UAE

• Joseph Levno 11/17 (Principal Report 2)
Brent International Schools Philippines

• Damien Hehir 11/16 (Principal Report 3)
Yew Chung International School Shanghai China

• Wallace Ting 11/15 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

American International School Abuja Nigeria

• Jennifer Kesler 11/15 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

World Academy Tirana Albania

• Shannon Koga 11/14 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Beijing World Youth Academy China

• David Butcher 11/14 (Principal Report 2)
International School the Hague Netherlands

• John Moore 11/11 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Harrow International School Beijing China

• Elham Al Fadli 11/11 (Director Report 2)
Jeddah Knowledge International School Saudi Arabia

• Colin Brown 11/11 (Director’s rebuttal to Report 6)
International School Sosua Dominican Republic

• Brian Laylor 11/10
First time reviewed on ISR

Xi’an Hi-Tech International School China

• Lily Liu 11/10 (report 2)
Xi’an Hi-Tech International School China

Davina McCarthy 11/8 (Principal Report 3)
HELP International School, Malaysia

• Brian Johnson 11/7 (Director Report 5)
Canadian International School Egypt

• Damien Hehir 11/7 (Director Report 2)
Yew Chung International School Shanghai China

• Tracey Lantz 11/4 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
International School Sosua Dominican Republic

• Stuart Kent 11/4 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Seoul Foreign School Korea

• Gretchen DePoint 11/2 (Principal Report 7)
Ruamrudee International School Thailand

• Dinah Hawtree 11/1 (Principal Report 3)
Nord Anglia International School Shanghai China