February Additions To ISR

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New School Reviews

• Tarbiyah Namouthajiyah Schools Saudi Arabia 2/28 First time reviewed on ISR

• British School Manila Philippines 2/28 review 6
The students were great and academically very passionate and hardworking. There staff on the whole were excellent…

• QSI International School of Chengdu China 2/28 review 7
The facilities are solid, the IBDP programme is successful and teachers have a very good work/life balance…

• Cambodia International Academy Cambodia 2/27 review 4
Academic support is not available in HS, this is a known issue however so now it’s a game of “catch up”…

• Clifford School Panyu China 2/27 review 13
This is one of my favorite overseas school experiences. We were like a family all exploring the curriculum and the culture together…

• Dipont Education China 2/27 review 24
A great opportunity to get IB experience. I miss the school, the set-up, and China…

• Vietnam Australia International School Vietnam 2/27 review 10
As the company develops, hopefully, it will be able to combine true international moral support and a community for its teachers…

• Nilai International School Malaysia 2/26 review 2
Strong Heads of Department ensure that the curriculum is thoroughly addressed and there is a firm focus on raising standards…

• Lancers International School India 2/26 review 3
You are initially offered the earth and then slowly but surely all promises are retracted…

• Singapore International School (Kinderworld) Vietnam 2/26 review 20
I arrived and didn’t even have anything in my room, desks were found but not enough by first day, no resources for me to use…

• American International School Jeddah Saudi Arabia 2/26 review 35
This school has gone from a small community school to what I feel is a chaotic profit monster…

• Royal Primary Academy Indonesia 2/23 review 4
As soon as we hit the ground they were breaking and changing the terms of the contract…

• International British School Kuwait 2/23 review 2
School has huge potential if handled correctly and m8bet mobile loginmost of the children are very friendly kids with a desire to learn – if only they had the materials…

• Noblesse International School Philippines 2/23 review 21
We’re an awesome school community working hard to support our students & faculty to achieve the fullest potential…

• Nahda Academy Saudi Arabia 2/22 First time reviewed on ISR

• Halcyon London International School Great Britain 2/22 review 2
Teachers have a lot of freedom within the IB framework for bringing in new ideas. The staff are a tight team…

• Traill International School Thailand 2/21 review 2
Most teachers have to ‘migrate’ from room to room, campus to campus transporting resources, books & other vitals needed to effectively teach…

• Nottingham British School Kuwait 2/21 review 6
The school needs a senior leadership team that will stay and drive the school forward. They also need to retain staff…

• King Faisal School Saudi Arabia 2/20 First time reviewed on ISR

• Tarsus American College/School Turkey 2/20 review 12
The school campus is in very good condition. Budgets are adequate. Unfortunately, the overall curriculum is not coordinated…

• International School Macao China 2/19 review 18
Teachers are great but I believe the direction of the school is only spiralling down…

• International School Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 2/19 review 21
Vietnam is a great place to work, and ISHCMC is one of the top schools in Saigon…

• MEF International School Izmir Turkey 2/19 review 16
MEF Istanbul runs the show. Those working in Izmir have little to no influence on decisions made outside of their own classroom/office…

• European International School Vietnam 2/16 review 14
I have to agree with the majority of the points raised in previous reviews. The school does state it’s a small school and hides behind this excuse…

• British School Al Rehab Egypt 2/16 review 13
The behavior since the Previous Principal left has deteriorated…

• Vision International School Qatar 2/16 review 17
Our school’s been shaken with recent revelations. It’s important for potential new staff considering VIS to know what is really happening here…

• Singapore International School (Kinderworld) Vietnam 2/16 review 19
At best, a private bilingual school for semi-wealthy Vietnamese, and quite a poor one at that. No resources and no academic support…

• Traill International School Thailand 2/15 First time reviewed on ISR

• Nexus International School Singapore 2/15 review 2
m8bet sports bettingThis school is probably suitable for fresh graduates who would like to experience life abroad. If you are a veteran teacher, this school is not for you…

• Shanghai Singapore International School China 2/15 review 21
The school is a good solid school. The students, parents and other teachers are friendly and and cooperative…

• International School Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 2/14 review 20
Parents, students and teachers work together as a vibrant community to solve problems within a framework of fairness and shared values…

• Newton International School Qatar 2/14 review 12
The overall package enables you to live, travel and put a little away each month. There are never any issues with payment or gratuity…

• Yew Chung International School Hong Kong 2/14 review 5
The pay isn’t the best in Hong Kong, which is one of the most expensive places in the world to live. In all honesty, I didn’t really warm to HK…

• Nexus International School Singapore 2/13 First time reviewed on ISR

• Khartoum International Community School Sudan 2/13 review 20
KICS has changed a great deal since the the 2013 – 2015 review on ISR, and not for the better. I think this comes down to a lack of leadership…

• Shanghai United International School China 2/13 review 15
They put money into updating the school, but the classrooms are not getting bigger and they are adding more children…

• Daystar Academy China 2/13 review 5
The school is growing which inevitably brings some growing pains, but overall, Daystar is doing a great job…

• Vision International School Qatar 2/13 review 16
The teachers are really close, and the pay and benefits are good, even though many of us are leaving because of pay cuts…

• British Vietnamese International School Hanoi Vietnam 2/12 review 9
If you have any regard for your own integrity & the rights of yourself & others, BVIS will quickly become a soul-destroying place…

• Daystar Academy China 2/12 review 4
My family & I have loved our experience living in Beijing. Daystar has one of the most important characteristics of a good school- happy students!…

• American Embassy School New Delhi India 2/12 review 11
There needs to be a couple of years of change before this school rises back up to where it was…

• American School Asuncion Paraguay 2/9 review 12
I’ve never worked at a school with this much time for prep and collaboration. Relevant curriculum is provided along with training…

• American School Paris France 2/9 review 4
There is no support from HR at all with anything. Salary is not enough m8bet online casino gamesto live on with 50% taxes. The best faculty leave…

• Khartoum International Community School Sudan 2/9 review 19
Previous reviews point to old admin being the problem, but there are clear and deep problems with the new administration as well…

• British International School Ukraine 2/9 review 31
It is just a small building, with no sign, where wealthy Ukranians send their children…

• Asia Pacific International School Korea 2/9 review 13
The most frustrating parts were admin and workload – if you’re able to focus on the day to day & stay positive it could be a great place for you…

• Island Christian Academy Hong Kong 2/8 First time reviewed on ISR

• Copenhagen International School Denmark 2/8 review 7
Once a great, small school, it nows feels like a place that has grown too big, as it lacks organization and direction…

• Noblesse International School Philippines 2/8 review 20
NIS has moved forward in a positive direction in becoming a fully accredited international school where teachers are valued…

• British School Muscat Oman 2/7 review 9
To put it simply, in the pursuit to boast that they are the best school, the school has just gone ‘loopy’ with book scrutinies, observations, learning walks…

• American International School Lagos Nigeria 2/7 review 18
I find working at AIS Lagos to be a professionally rewarding experience. The students are academically driven, respectful, and pleasant…

• Qingdao Amerasia International School China 2/7 review 5
High-level academics, and relative low-level of stress due to the seriousness of the students, all make for a great environment…

• American School Foundation Mexico City 2/7 review 23
Recommended for teachers looking to go IB international and get their traveling legs going…

• European International School Vietnam 2/6 review 13
The staff were fantastic and very sociable. Salary wasn’t great and was unfairly distributed…

• Vision International School Qatar 2/6 review 15
The school is going through financial changes as any new business does in its first few years. This is to be expected at any new for-profit school…

• Escuela Campo Alegre Venzuela 2/6 review 11
The package is great, the school is great, and I would definitely recommend someone taking a job here…

• New Gateway International School Cambodia 2/6 review 3
Teachers quit constantly so you are always having to sub for other classes in addition to your own…

• British International School Hanoi Vietnam 2/5 First time reviewed on ISR

• British Vietnamese International School Hanoi Vietnam 2/5 review 8
I cannot recommend BVIS to any professional teacher (or motivated student m8bet Mobile appor hopeful parent) at this time…

• Antofagasta International School Chile 2/5 review 9
I found that a lot of what I was promised before beginning at AIS was false. This was also true with regards to the quality of the facilities and classrooms…

• Shanghai Jincai International School China 2/5 review 2
The school has not been terrible and does have some redeemable qualities, but it is a cash cow, not a school…

• American International School Vietnam 2/2 review 23
If you want to come to Vietnam, then AIS is a good pick for you. If you are looking for a school to challenge you and support growth then stay clear…

• Royal Primary Academy Indonesia 2/2 review 3
A small school with a wonderful family feeling. If you are lucky enough to get a job offer to work at RPA, take it…

• United School Tokyo Japan 2/2 review 3
This is my first year at UST and this is by far the most challenged and supported I have felt in all the years working at schools in Japan…

• Guangdong Country Garden School China 2/2 review 25
I would never want to live in Guangdong again, and if I ever did, I certainly would not want to work for this school…

• American School Asuncion Paraguay 2/2 review 11
A time of change and growth and with that come many possibilities and opportunities. I would say if you’re considering ASA, do take a chance…

• Oberoi International School India 2/1 review 8
I’ll be moving on with few regrets but, if a more honest picture had been painted, I would not be feeling quite so disappointed in OIS…

• SMIC Private School Shanghai China 2/1 review 9
I have been at SMIC for 3 years, and it has been a comfortable place to live and work for me…

• English School Kyrenia Cyprus 2/1 review 4
After 6 months it was clear that the ‘comfortable’ life the school told us about was entirely fictional, as were many other things we were told…

• American International School Vilnius Lithuania 2/1 review 3
For the year 2018-2019, there will be no turn over at AISV, as only one teacher in Lower School is leaving and will not be replaced…

Director & Principal Reports

• Jeremy House 2/28 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

St. Gilgen International School Austria

• James Pilton 2/28 (Director Report 4)
QSI International School Chengdu China

• Gary Gibbons 2/23 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
International British School Kuwait

• Michelle Alzamora 2/23 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Anglo-American School Moscow Russia

• Rupert Cox 2/22 (Principal Report 3)
Greengates School Mexico

• Trina Haygaru 2/22 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
International School of Indiana USA

• Gerry Steiert 2/21 (Principal Report 2)
Advanced Learning Schools Saudi Arabia

• Mark Sayer 2/21 (Director Report 8)
British Vietnamese International School Hanoi Vietnam

m8bet online casino games• Kristin Kappelmann 2/20 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Concordia International School Hanoi Vietnam

• Peter Round 2/20 (Director Report 3)
Khartoum International Community School Sudan

• Julia Kozak 2/19 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
International College Beirut Lebanon

• Mark Sayer 2/16 (Director Report 7)
British Vietnamese International School Hanoi Vietnam

• David Wade 2/15 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Nexus International School Singapore

• Mark Sayer 2/15 (Director Report 6)
British Vietnamese International School Hanoi Vietnam

• Jo Garrahy 2/14 (Principal Report 2)
Riffa Views International School Bahrain

• Colm Flanagan 2/14 (Director Report 2)
Seoul Foreign School Korea

• Paul Beach 2/13 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Nexus International School Singapore

• Myles D’Airelle 2/12 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Western International School Shanghai China

• Dan Mullen 2/12 (Principal Report 3)
Casablanca American School Morocco

• Karen Dunmire 2/12 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
American Embassy School New Delhi India

• Mark Ulfers 2/9 (Director Report 4)
American School Paris France

• Peter Harris 2/9 (Director Report 3)
British International School Ukraine

• Peter Round 2/8 (Director Report 2)
Khartoum International Community School Sudan

• Angela Henderson 2/8 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Canadian International School Singapore

• Jay Roy 2/7 (Director Report 6)
Vision International School Qatar

• Eif Phillips 2/6 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Bonn International School Germany

• Patricia Baier 2/6 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Bonn International School Germany

• Jeroen Gakes 2/5 (Director Report 5)
Yew Chung International School of Qingdao China

• Jay Roy 2/5 (Director Report 5)
Vision International School Qatar

• Peter Round 2/2 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Khartoum International Community School Sudan

• Ole Bernard Sealey 2/2 (Principal Report 3)
Universal American School UAE

• Neil McWilliam 2/1 (Director Report 5)
Oberoi International School India

• James Cooke 2/1 (Principal Report 4)
Myanmar International School Myanmar