July Additions To ISR

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New School Reviews

Jasmine Tham 7/31 (PYP Coordinator) m8bet online casino games
EtonHouse international School Suzhou China
Australian International School Saigon Vietnam 7/31 First time reviewed on ISR
Saltus Grammar School Bermuda 7/31 evaluation 2 
Work permit renewed every 3 years. If a local teacher applies for your post you may well lose your job…
Newton British School Qatar 7/31 evaluation 3
Owned by well educated Qatari couple who care very deeply about the school and children entrusted to them…
m8bet online sports bettingVincent Chian 7/30 First time reviewed on ISR
Fairview International School Malaysia
Canadian Kunming Number 10 Secondary School china 7/30 First time reviewed on ISR
American International School Lagos Nigeria 7/30 evaluation 12 
There are a number of prominent issues, those being safety and security…
m8bet sports bettingDave Brown 7/29 (report 2)
American School of Kuwait Kuwait
m8bet online casino gamesJohn McCandless 7/29 (report 2)
Rabat American School Morocco
Saudi Aramco Schools 7/29 evaluation 3 
No in-house or in-Kingdom PD offered. You’re not allowed free PD offered by the company (i.e. tech training)…
Fairview International School Malaysia 7/29 evaluation 6 
While sweating it out in sweltering heat, step down the corridor & marvel at the antique common kitchen,,,
K International School Tokyo Japan 7/29 evaluation 16 
Founder: Mum and Dad. Head of school, Vice head of school: Mum and Dad. Counselor: Son and Daughter…
Pride International School Myanmar 7/29 First time reviewed on ISR
m8bet mobile loginJohn Robins 7/25 (report 2)
Greengates School Mexico City
American International School Abu Dhabi UAE 7/26 evaluation 17
m8bet sports bettingI had absolutely no problem submitting my resignation and couldn’t wait until the end of the year…
Canadian International School Beijing China 7/26 evaluation 2 
Some really hard working and professional colleagues…
Dwight School Seoul Korea 7/26 evaluation 2
Admin. does not bow down to overly demanding parents & have best interest of the students & teachers…
Hanoi International School Vietnam 7/26 evaluation 6
A small school with wonderful kids, and hardly any classroom management problems…
m8bet Mobile appJonathan Acker 7/25 (report 3)
American Intern’l Sch. Jeddah Saudi Arabia
School of the Nations Macau China 7/25 First time reviewed on ISR
Fundacion Colegio Americano de Quito 7/25 evaluation 6 
It’s almost impossible to fail. Students get at least 3 opportunities to re-take tests in secondary school…
Bill Johnston 7/24 (report 3)
Pan American School of Bahia Brazil  
St. Paul American School Hanoi – Formerly Vietnam American International School 7/24 evaluation 6
The pictures that you see on the webpage of the sport/athletic court offerings do not belong to this school at all…
Newton British School Qatar 7/24 evaluation 2
If you are young and want a good social life it’s great. If you are older or have a family it is a nightmare…
American International School Riyadh Saudi Arabia 7/24 evaluation 31 
It’s important to share the pros-cons of any school that teachers may be considering…
John McCandless 7/23 First time reviewed on ISR
Rabat American School Morocco
David Turner 7/23 (report 3)
Sekolah Ciputra, Surabaya, Indonesia
Erik Hoekstra 7/23 (report 2)
Sekolah Ciputra Indonesia
Patricia Short 7/23 First time reviewed on ISR
Pan American School Bahia Brazil
Pan American School Bahia Brazil 7/23 evaluation 3
school is undergoing instructional changes, but lingering tradition is to allow teachers to do whatever they want…
Gyeongnam International Foreign School Korea 7/23 evaluation 6 
My fellow teachers worked m8bet online casino gamesas a team. Principal provided strong support for all, but there was a great….
The Overseas School Colombo Sri Lanka 7/23 evaluation 7
I would advise any teachers to come to our school and discover this amazing country…
Rabat American School Morocco 7/22 evaluation 5
Best Advice: contact current staff members and ask them what the climate is like under the new Director…
St. Paul American School Hanoi – Formerly Vietnam American International School 7/22 evaluation 4 
Fully for-profit-geared. A focused cold business model…
Kathleen Slocombe 7/19 (report 3)
Bavarian International School Germany
Nansha College Preparatory Academy China 7/19 evaluation 2 
Staff continuously kept uninformed of pertinent information, then informed at last possible moment…
Cambridge School Doha Qatar 7/19 evaluation 9
All teachers who are passionate about their job…
Sandford International School Ethiopa 7/19 evaluation 6 
This is a school that is stuck in a time warp – understandable given Ethiopia’s history of the past decades…
Beijing International Bilingual Academy China 7/19 evaluation 7 
I never saw manipulation/deception/intimidation in ways of running Western staff. Note I say Western…
Alan Bredy 7/17 (report 4)
American Cooperative School of Tunis Tunisia
Treville Foreign Language School 7/17 First time reviewed on ISR
Brent International School Subic Bay Philippines 7/17 evaluation 2 
A great location for couples and families. For singles, we joke that it’s where your love life goes to die…
English Modern School Qatar 7/17 evaluation 5
Important things in an international school: 1. Fair & transparent decision making & salary scale 2. Help with…
Major General Muftah M. Rasheed 7/16 First time reviewed on ISR
Qatar Leadership Academy
James Steckart 7/16 First time reviewed on ISR
Qatar Leadership Academy Qatar
Al Jazeera Academy Doha Qatar 7/16 evaluation 17
m8bet Mobile appIt is a shame that many of us have not stated we are not coming back but this is truly what they deserve…
British International School Jakarta Indonesia 7/16 evaluaton 7 
Wonderfully well resourced school with highly supportive parents and a fabulous student body…
Okinawa Amicus International Japan 7/15 First time reviewed on ISR
Sri KDU International School Malaysia 7/15 evaluation 7
Not one review says the students are not great – all state the students are wonderful – It’s the management…
Discovery School Honduras 7/15 evaluation 5
By the end of my first term at this school, I regretted coming here and therefore broke my contract…
Tassos Anastasiades 7/12 (report 4)
Dubai International Academy
Russell Marino 7/12 First time reviewed on ISR
Thuringia International School Weimar Germany
Colegio Peruano Britanico Peru 7/12 evaluation 4
Obvious from the first day that parents call the shots & can intimidate the management and administrators!…
International School Benghazi Libya 7/12 evaluation 3 
Dangerous, unstable place with frequent outbreaks of violence between government, armed militia & civilians…
International School Hilversum 7/12 Netherlands First time reviewed on ISR
St. Stephen’s International School Thailand 7/12 First time reviewed on ISR
Casablanca American School Morocco 7/12 evaluation 39
Embrace the organized chaos of Morocco, eat with locals, smile with the kids, this place can be enjoyable…
Dominic Currer 7/11 (report 2)
International School of Zug and Luzern
Akis International School Qatar 7/11 evaluation 33
Big internal push by some to make this school into an Arabic Stream by having classes of only one gender…
Thuringia International School Germany 7/11 evaluation 3 
Weimar is a gorgeous, warm and friendly. It is safe and a great place to raise kids…
Adam Broomfield 7/10 First time reviewed on ISR
Guangzhou Nanhu International School China
Nik Bishop 7/10 (report 2)
Guangzhou Nanhu International School China
Christelle Thompson 7/10 First time reviewed on ISR
Bishop Mackenzie International School Malawi
British International School Turkey 7/10 evaluation 18
Jeddah Knowledge School Saudi Arabia 7/10 evaluation 11 
m8bet sports bettingIt’s just plain hard work in a most uninspiring environment…
Jeddah Knowledge School Saudi Arabia 7/10 evaluation 10 
I would like to share this experience with you so that you are not duped by this organisation…
GEMS Sheikh Zayed Private Academy UAE 7/9 evaluation 5
Teachers finally moved to accommodations on Reem Island, one of the best places to live in Abu Dhabi…
Robin Campbell 7/8 (report 2)
Compass International School Qatar
Tassos Anastasiades 7/8 (report 3)
Dubai International Academy
Compass International School Qatar 7/8 evaluation 2
Married staff with kids are on his hit list and cost cutting is at the top of the agenda…
Compass International School Qatar 7/8 First time reviewed on ISR
Al Jazeera Academy Doha Qatar 7/8 evaluation 16
During my time here, everyday has been a drama, even the very last day!…
British International School Riyadh Saudi Arabia 7/8 evaluation 10
Poor morale amongst the teachers at the moment due to the tightening of Saudi employment laws…
Robert Jackson 7/5 (report 2)
QSI International School of Minsk Belarus
QSI International School of Minsk Balarus 7/5 First time reviewed on ISR 
Escola International Camp Salou 7/5 First time reviewed on ISR
Ettie Zilber 7/4 (report 4)
Beijing BISS International School China
Colegio Bolivar Colombia 7/4 evaluation 3
Beautiful campus and great school…  
UCSI International School Malaysia 7/4 First time reviewed on ISR  
Beijing International Bilingual Academy China 7/4 evaluation 6 
He doesn’t care if you opt to leave or stay because “I’ve got lots of applications waiting”…
Craig Waller 7/3 First time reviewed on ISR 
Cairo English School Egypt
Kiettisack International School Luang Prabang & Vientiane Campus Laos 7/3 First time reviewed on ISR
Headmaster promotes new school & solicits comments…
Kang Chiao International School Taiwan 7/3 First time reviewed on ISR
Cobb Nancy 7/2 First time reviewed on ISR
American Baccalaureate School Kuwait
Darren Arbor 7/2 First time reviewed on ISR
Bali International School Indonesia
American Baccalaureate School Kuwait 7/2 evaluation 15 
ABS will grind down even the most positive of people. You will feel like a slave to the parents & director…
British International School Al Khobar Saudi Arabia 7/2 evaluation 3 
God is great. He showed me the way out before the management tore me and my shirt to shreds!..
Cairo English School Egypt 7/2 evaluation 13
ATTITUDE OF LOCAL COMMUNITY m8bet Mobile appTOWARDS FOREIGNERS: It depends on the colour of the foreigner…
Michael Chappell 7/1 (report 2)
Colombo International School – Sri Lanka
Martyn Smith 7/1 (report 3)
Regents School Bangkok Thailand
Horace Vernall 7/1 (report 2)
The English Academy Kuwait
Early Learning Centre Thailand 7/1 evaluation 4
Children’s work displayed by approval of project co-coordinators. This is why the school looks so beautiful…
MEF International School Istanbul Turkey 7/1 evaluation 11 
Some contract terms are not very clear, resulting in a lot of “misunderstandings”. One example…
Waseda International School Tokyo Japan 7/1 evaluation 2 
Small, international schools operate like a business because BUSINESSES are actually allowed to…