June Additions To ISR

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New School Reviews

• Cambridge School Doha Qatar 6/30 evaluation 11
My advice would be to read as many reviews as you can about TCS. This is something I wish I had done before joining the school…

• Renaissance College Hong Kong 6/30 evaluation 8
I look back at my time at Renaissance very fondly. Any teacher with a good work ethic would be lucky to work there…

• RDFZ Xishan School China 6/30 evaluation 2
I was promised a lot of PD but got none. Had to pay for my own IB training and never was reimbursed for it…

• Greengates School Mexico City Mexico 6/30 evaluation 27
Teachers who are staying are concerned about all teaching vacancies being filled by the start of the coming academic year…

• Amadeus International School Austria 6/29 First time reviewed on ISR

• GEMS American Academy Abu Dhabi UAE 6/29 evaluation 3
The actions the school takes speak volumes that teachers and students are not the priority…

• Cambridge International School Russia 6/29 evaluation 15
Teaching in Russia can be a wonderful experience, but I would like to encourage all those considering working in Moscow to avoid CIS…

• Chongqing DEPU Foreign Language School China 6/29 evaluation 2
Everything is scrutinized, teachers are not trusted and organization is very poor. Deadlines are ridiculous…

• A’Takamul International School Kuwait 6/29 evaluation 41
It took me 4 months to finish my paperwork. I finally arrived in Kuwait and found out that I’m receiving the lowest salary in the school…

• NingBo International School China 6/29 evaluation 8
Many teachers recently departed from the school and moved on to other schools or returned home…

• ACS International Schools Hillingdon Great Britain 6/28 evaluation 4
The academics of the school are falling, the school is now considered as a ‘school for those who cannot get in elsewhere’…

• Beacon Academy Indonesia 6/28 evaluation 2
Budgets are incredibly tight, to the point where paper often runs out leading to cleaning staff checking bins for paper that can be reused…

• Fawzia Sultan International School Kuwait 6/28 evaluation 17
My rating is based on FSIS but I also marked some categories based on the excitement generated by the new school concept…

• Colegio Nueva Granada Bogota Colombia 6/28 evaluation 7
The school atmosphere is very friendly and administration have reasonable expectations…

• Beijing International Bilingual Academy 6/28 evaluation 22
I’m going to own who I am in this review so that you can recognize any bias that I may bring to it. I’m the current HR Director of BIBA…

• International School Penang (Uplands) Malaysia 6/28 evaluation 17
Once a good school, but now poor admin makes it a very difficult place to stay…

• Canadian International School Bangladesh 6/27 evaluation 3
The owners openly laugh about not honoring contracts and many teachers and principals “sneak” away to avoid negative repercussions…

• Albanian College Tirana Albania 6/27 evaluation 6
Overall, I’m very happy here and it is a great place to start my international teaching life. I think I will stay for a few more years…

• Cambridge International School Russia 6/27 evaluation 14
There were many things that rubbed me the wrong m8bet sports bettingway about this school. The constant stress and fear were eventually too much for me…

• Overseas Family School Singapore 6/27 evaluation 16
The school is an ‘open entry school’. The philosophy is that all kids are the same, ideally sound, but in reality not so…

• Kuwait National English School Kuwait 6/27 evaluation 17
I am so, so glad that I am out of this horrible school now that I could scream it from the rooftops…

• Gulf English School Kuwait 6/26 evaluation 38
We’ve been here for many years and have no intention of leaving despite problems that exist here…

• Learning Jungle International School Cambodia 6/26 evaluation 4
At this point I just wanted to go home and try to forget this terrible experience…

• British School Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 6/26 evaluation 5
Whilst the teachers and the curriculum are mainly British, there is little emphasis placed on delivery of a quality education by the board…

• Sunway International School Malaysia 6/26 evaluation 4
So much potential but lacking the long term thinking to fulfill it. Half of elementary are leaving…

• Modern English School Egypt 6/26 evaluation 27
Teachers are not supported by the management. The whole place is a facade…

• Sultan’s School Oman 6/23 evaluation 16
TSS has succumbed to the consequences of having too much money, too little administrative talent or will…

• Yangon Academy International School Myanmar 6/23 evaluation 2
To survive at this school, do your job, stay in your classroom and get a life outside…

• Learning Jungle International School Cambodia 6/23 evaluation 3
The salary & vacation time are generally better than the average. It is necessary to pay above average to motivate staff to come to this school…

• Colegio San Francisco de Paula Spain 6/23 evaluation 2
There is no support from management. The sole purpose for the students is to pass exams which are set at a level too high…

• Beijing International Bilingual Academy China 6/23 evaluation 21
BIBA has really turned around. Especially the middle & high school – all of the foreign teachers given the choice are staying next year…

• Ajial Bilingual School Kuwait 6/23 evaluation 8
Constant battle to hold students accountable for behavior. Same goes for the parents…

• Gulf English School Kuwait 6/23 evaluation 37
Resources in this school are above and beyond other schools I have worked in Kuwait. The school is a business…

• ECNU Affiliated Bilingual School China 6/22 First time reviewed on ISR

• Phorms Frankfurt Germany 6/22 First time reviewed on ISR

• Northbridge International School Cambodia 6/22 evaluation 19
I was told by people in the know that it was a “hidden gem”. Sadly, I have found that while that might have been the case, it is true no longer…

• Rowad Al Khaleej Saudi Arabia 6/22 evaluation 5
The salary is ok but getting worse. Raises were cancelled. Medical insurance was downgraded severely…

• Nantong Stalford International School China 6/22 evaluation 2
I was offered one salary but once I got to the school, I was informed that the salary would not be honored and it was cut…

• International School Dhaka Bangladesh 6/22 evaluation 17
ISD changed drastically in my time at the school, as did the security situation in Bangladesh…

• Chongqing DEPU Foreign Language School China 6/21 First time reviewed on ISR

• Gulf English School Kuwait 6/21 evaluation 36
At the time of writing, policies are being put in place in the secondary school to oversee the students’ behavior and the teacher performance…

• ACS International Schools Cobham Great Britain 6/21 evaluation 5
Administration throughout the school seems to have the singular goal of pleasing parents, no matter what the cost…

• Shanghai United International School China 6/21 evaluation 12
I am proud to continue working here, to collaborate with enthusiastic colleagues m8bet Mobile appand to improve opportunities for our students…

• Kang Chiao International School China 6/21 evaluation 3
There’s no teacher support when the teacher sends students to office. Too much stock is given to student’s reviews rather than common sense…

• Global Village School Lanta Thailand 6/20 First time reviewed on ISR

• Qatar Academy Doha Qatar 6/20 evaluation 21
If you’re expecting an int’l school, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re expecting to save money, that is not a guarantee for much longer…

• Albanian International School Albania 6/20 evaluation 6
The do it my way or leave attitude sends good teachers running. About 95% have left the school prior to finishing their contract…

• Northbridge International School Cambodia 6/20 evaluation 18
NISC has seen dramatic changes over the past two years. Those changes have come in all areas of the school…

• American Cooperative School Tunisia 6/20 evaluation 28
I had no intention of posting at this time, but I felt driven because of the fawning and ridiculously inaccurate portrayal left by recent reviews…

• Yangon Academy International School Myanmar 6/19 First time reviewed on ISR

• Muscat International School Oman 6/19 evaluation 22
I enjoyed my time with the kids, however, it is a school that will puzzle, perplex and challenge your sensibilities if you are a good solid teacher…

• American School Kuwait 6/19 evaluation 50
Some life still remains in the school, and to accept an offer at ASK, teachers will ultimately gain experience to leap to elsewhere…

• Cambridge English School Hawalli Kuwait 6/19 evaluation 18
It was a horrible, toxic place to work where the students basically dictated (through the power of their parents) what happens…

• Canadian International School Vietnam 6/19 evaluation 7
The number of teachers who leave their contracts has grown exponentially. Most of the hires are new teachers, and the turn-over rate is very high…

• Shanghai American School Puxi China 6/16 evaluation 31
I felt I had to post a review in defense of SAS. I feel that it is definitely one of the better international schools for teachers…

• Bilkent Erzurum Laboratory School Turkey 6/16 evaluation 2
The school itself is fairly large and the classes are okay. Do not expect much technology in the classes…

• Northbridge International School Cambodia 6/16 evaluation 17
Consistently high staff turnover and during my stay, favoritism took precedence over ability, experience, and qualifications…

• American Cooperative School Tunisia 6/16 evaluation 27
ACST is not perfect, but it offers teachers a great place to live with a good package…

• International School Phnom Penh Cambodia 6/16 evaluation 22
Coming from a ‘higher tier’ school you may find it’s less pressure, but equally you will find your salary and benefits package weighs less…

• Memorial International School Tirana Albania 6/15 First time reviewed on ISR

• British International School Jeddah Saudi Arabia 6/15 evaluation 15
The negatives of working in this school far outweigh the positives but to be fair I will start with the positives…

• American Cooperative School Tunisia 6/15 evaluation 26
The school is struggling due to many issues: changing demographics, economic challenges of the country, and power struggles…

• Gulf English School Kuwait 6/15 evaluation 35
Information given to staff often turns out to be untrue and decisions can change quickly without justification…

• American International School Egypt 6/15 evaluation 46
Kids can literally do nothing all year and pass… This school could be fabulous but it’s not…

• Guiyang Concord College Sino-Canada China 6/15 evaluation 5
I’m very excited to have just found this website – it is a wonderful opportunity for the truth m8bet Mobile appto be heard, and to warn prospective applicants away…

• American International School Dhaka Bangladesh 6/14 evaluation 18
This year the leadership has guided us through very challenging times, throughout they were transparent and shared what was happening…

• Ayeyarwaddy International School Myanmar 6/14 evaluation 18
“Wow,” you might be thinking, “there are a lot of reviews from 2017. What happened this year?”…

• Ayeyarwaddy International School Myanmar 6/14 evaluation 17
For the first two of my three years at AIS, I had a largely positive experience. This last year, however, was more mixed, to put it mildly…

• Ayeyarwaddy International School Myanmar 6/14 evaluation 16
I love the students here and the facilities are great, but the administration is just the worst that I’ve ever had…

• Beanstalk International Bilingual School China 6/13 evaluation 13
If you are looking for IB experience and medium accountability, low work load and the money and time to party regularly, this is an ok place for two years…

• ACG International School Indonesia 6/13 evaluation 4
I would count yourself lucky to work for ACG, though Jakarta is not for everyone…

• Korea International School Jeju Campus Korea 6/13 evaluation 16
On paper, it looks like it has all the potential in the world, however, it is kneecapped by hostile admin, petty politics, and a terrible location…

• Albanian College Tirana Albania 6/13 evaluation 5
One of the joys of teaching is making a connection with the students & seeing them develop through the year – don’t expect this to happen at ACT…

• Okma International Academy Qingdao China 6/12 evaluation 4
The concept of an IB school tailored specifically to Chinese national students is still worth pursuing. But QIA clearly will not be that school…

• Ayeyarwaddy International School Myanmar 6/12 evaluation 15
While I enjoy working at this school, prospective teachers need to realize that the school is experiencing growing pains as it is expanding…

• Ayeyarwaddy International School Myanmar 6/12 evaluation 14
The positives are wonderful and worth the experience, as long as you can overlook the major negative aspect, the Head of School…

• Ayeyarwaddy International School Myanmar 6/12 evaluation 13
The campus is pretty and the students love being there. They stay around after school to play and it feels like a big family…

• Saint Andrew’s International Primary School Malawi 6/9 evaluation 1 First time reviewed on ISR 

• Ayeyarwaddy International School Myanmar 6/9 evaluation 12
The school is relatively new and making improvements each year. The campus is a beautiful and safe place for students and teachers alike…

• Learning Jungle International School Cambodia 6/9 evaluation 2
There are a lot of improvements that can be made. The school strives to follow the Ontario Curriculum, but lacked a principal while I was there…

• King’s College Panama 6/9 evaluation 6
The school has been open for 5 years and staff retention seems to be it’s biggest problem…

• American School Vietnam 6/9 evaluation 21
Unfortunately, there is nothing good to share. Don’t just trust me on this, do your research…

• QSI International School Tbilisi Georgia 6/8 First time reviewed on ISR 

• International School Milan Italy 6/8 evaluation 6
I spent a very unhappy time at this school and I am writing this review to help others who may be misled by the school’s website and marketing…

• Ayeyarwaddy International School Myanmar 6/8 evaluation 11
It’s true that Myanmar is not for everyone, nor is AIS. My experience has been largely positive and professionally satisfying…

• Beacon Academy Indonesia 6/7 First time reviewed on ISR 

• American International School Cyprus 6/7 evaluation 13
The schools has the lowest enrollments on the island, a poor track record with IB scores and looming law suits…

• King’s College Panama 6/7 evaluation 5
This is a good school to work for and Panama is a great place, the children are amazing and the parents are very supportive…

• Yew Wah International Education School Yantai China 6/7 evaluation 6
m8bet Mobile appThe school claims to try to retain staff but that is not the case and many good teachers are let go for reasons such as, “you’re not quite a good fit”…

• Colegio da San Jose 5 Macau 6/6 First time reviewed on ISR 

• Kheireddine Tunisian International School Tunisia 6/6 First time reviewed on ISR 

• Kingdom Schools Saudi Arabia 6/6 evaluation 3
Safety is a major concern that needs to be addressed, but it’s not likely when the decision makers don’t even come to your campus…

• King’s College Panama 6/6 evaluation 4
The school is best represented by the sign at the main entrance: tired, difficult to read, rusty and about to fall off…

• Beijing Huijia Private School China 6/6 evaluation 10
Beautiful campus. Far from the city. However, that’s pretty much it. Grades are changed according to the need of the students…

• International School Brunei 6/6 evaluation 19
School is in a brand new building, which has some issues (but which school building doesn’t?) and resources are generally very good…

• College Alpin Beau Soleil Switzerland 6/5 First time reviewed on ISR 

• St. Constantine’s International School Tanzania 6/5 evaluation 8
Two members of staff have been deported and never spoken of again. Need I say more…

• Qatar Academy Doha Qatar 6/5 evaluation 20
As long as I’ve been here I’ve been torn between satisfaction with the compensation package and with the feeling that my soul is being drained…

• Saltus Grammar School Bermuda 6/5 evaluation 4
The school has no strategy in place, policies are vague and rarely followed, and everyone passes the buck…

• King’s College Panama 6/5 evaluation 3
If you love teaching, are really passionate and can be creative, this could be a great school to work in…

• Canadian International School Kunshan China 6/5 evaluation 16
The facilities are beautiful, but it is all smoke and mirrors. I have no idea how this school got an IB certification…

• King’s College Panama 6/2 evaluation 2
The children and parents at the school, as well as some great colleagues, are fantastic and are often the only saving grace of working here…

• Concordia International School Hanoi Vietnam 6/2 evaluation 3
A truly caring work environment where excellence is encouraged and expected by all…

• RDF International School China 6/2 evaluation 6
They have been rewriting contracts to lower the salaries while raising the work-time for staff…

• St. George’s British School Spain 6/2 evaluation 3
Little by way of relocation or housing allowances but, overall the school has a great vibe and the staff get on really well together. That is until last year…

• Cambridge School Bucharest Romania 6/1 First time reviewed on ISR 

• Awfaz Global School Qatar 6/1 First time reviewed on ISR 

• Guangdong Shunde Desheng School China 6/1 First time reviewed on ISR 

• Qatar Academy Doha Qatar 6/1 evaluation 19
Understand that whatever you are you are promised at your interview before coming here can and will be taken away…

• Yew Wah International Education School Yantai China 6/1 evaluation 5
The school buildings are quite old and the budget spent on resources is very limited…

Director & Principal Reports

• Joe Nagy 6/30 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Colegio Bolivar Colombia

• Mary Jew 6/30 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Keystone Academy China

• Philip Billing 6/29 (Principal Report 5)
NingBo International School

• Sandra Rosentreter 6/28 (Principal Report 4)
Beacon Academy Indonesia

• Giles Mongare 6/28 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

International School Penang Malaysia

• Kim Neeta-Sahi 6/27 (Principal Report 3)
Shanghai United International School China

• Liam McLoughlin 6/27 (Principal Report 2)
Kuwait National English School Kuwait

• Jennifer Kesler 6/26 (Principal Report 4)
Albanian College Tirana Albania

• Elaine Whelen 6/26 (Director Report 8)
ISA International School Guangzhou China

• Gerald Donovan 6/23 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Medan Independent School Indonesia

• Pauline Roberts 6/22 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

American School Kuwait

• Steve Caley 6/22 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

American School Kuwait

• Ana Allen 6/22 (Principal Report 4)
American School Kuwait

• Paul Schofield 6/21 (Director Report 2)
m8bet online casino gamesSt. Andrews International School Sukhumvit 71 Thailand

• TJ Coburn 6/21 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

International School Dhaka Bangladesh

• Kim Green 6/21 (Principal Report 5)
International School Dhaka Bangladesh

• Cory Carson 6/20 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Qatar Academy Doha Qatar

• Kim Neeta-Sahi 6/20 (Principal Report 2)
Shanghai United International School China

• Damian Prest 6/20 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Seoul Foreign School Korea

• Sarah Osborne-James 6/20 (Director Report 4)
Northbridge International School Cambodia

• Sandra Rosentreter 6/19 (Principal Report 3)
Beacon Academy Indonesia

• Michael Shyne 6/19 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Kazakhstan

• Mark Exton 6/19 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Rabat American School Morocco

• Rebecca Ness 6/19 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

American School Kuwait

• Alan Lorenzini 6/16 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Bali International School Indonesia

• Mike Mahon 6/16 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Canadian International School Japan

• David Miller 6/16 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Yangon International School Myanmar

• Kim Green 6/16 (Director Report 4)
International School Dhaka Bangladesh

• Kim Neeta-Sahi 6/15 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Shanghai United International School China

• Justin Rankin 6/14 (Principal Report 3)
Ayeyarwaddy International School Myanmar

• Justin Rankin 6/14 (Principal Report 2)
Ayeyarwaddy International School Myanmar

• Gary Robson 6/14 (Director Report 2)
Ayeyarwaddy International School Myanmar

• Luis Ramirez 6/13 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

American Pacific International School Thailand

• Colin Brown 6/13 (Director Report 8)
International School Sosua Dominican Republic

• JoAn Radojkovich 6/12 (Principal Report 2)
Canadian International School Singapore

• Lambert Okma 6/12 (Director Report 3)
Okma International Academy Qingdao China

• Daniel Blaho 6/9 (Director Report 2)
Kiev International School Ukraine

• Joshua Garrett 6/8 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

QSI International School Tbilisi Georgia

• Daniel Blaho 6/8 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

QSI International School Tbilisi Georgia

• Nancy Sanderson Swartz 6/8 (Principal Report 2)
World Academy Tirana Albania

• Amy Clerides 6/7 (Principal Report 2)
American International School Cyprus

• Sandra Rosentreter 6/7 (Principal Report 2)
Beacon Academy Indonesia

• Tim Hughes 6/6 (Principal Report 2)
Al Yasmina School Abu Dhabi UAE

• Jeffrey Smith 6/2 (Principal Report 3)
International School Tanganyika Tanzania

• David Newsham 6/2 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR 
International School Bucharest Romania

• Becky Read 6/2 (Principal Report 3)
Shanghai American School Pudong China