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New School Reviews

m8bet online sports bettingRobert Muntzer 3/31 m8bet sports betting
Xi’an Hanova International School China
Xi’an Hanova International School China 3/31 evaluation 2
This is far more than the average IB school receives at authorisation…
International School Mandalay Myanmar 3/31 First time reviewed on ISR
Bromsgrove International School Thailand 3/31 evaluation 25 
These are the sad facts, and are a microcosm of what has happened across the whole of the school…
m8bet sports bettingYoshishige Komaki 3/30 First time reviewed on ISR
K International School Tokyo
m8bet online casino gamesAbdulla Ahmed 3/30 (report 2)
Mohammed Ali Othman School Yemen
m8bet mobile loginWalter Piovesan 3/30 First time reviewed on ISR
Canadian International School Kunshan China
Canadian International School Hong Kong 3/30 evaluation 9 
We’ve been featured regularly in HK newspapers (check South China Morning Post & the Standard)…
Diocesan Boys School Hong Kong 3/30 evaluation 2
The students are friendly and intelligent but all Chinese so there is no international flavour…  
Albanian International School Albania 3/30 evaluation 2 
Surprise summer camp mandatory hours at arrival…
International School Brunei 3/27 evaluation 14
Well-resourced compared to other schools I have worked at and very proficient students…
Al Khor International School Qatar 3/27 evaluation 53 
With all said and done, it is not entirely bad m8bet online casino gameshere. The kids are alright…
Ihsan Dogramaci Bilkent Erbil College Iraq 3/27 evaluation 8 
Security & personal safety is a “4” on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being very safe in and out of school…
m8bet Mobile appLarry Molacek 3/26 (report 10)
Surabaya International School Indonesia
Larry Molacek 3/26 (report 9)
Surabaya International School Indonesia
Larry Molacek 3/26 (report 8)
Surabaya International School Indonesia
Gregory Rayl 3/26 (report 11)
North Jakarta International School Indonesia
Olga Salcedo 3/26 (report 2)
MC School Dominican Republic
Danube International School Austria 3/26 evaluation 8 
The pay is ok if you supplement it with tutoring as most teachers do…
Michael William Clack 3/25 First time reviewed on ISR 
Raffles International School UAE
Vietnam Australia International School Vietnam 3/25 evaluation 7
I can only say one thing, Great place, Great kids and excellent country. I am loving my time here…
Bromsgrove International School Thailand 3/25 evaluation 24 
It’s not just about money, it’s the climate, the people always smiling & joking (sanuk), the lovely children…
Al Maha Academy Qatar 3/25 evaluation 38
“Teachers do not leave this year because it is a bad school…”
The Essington School Darwin Australia 3/24 evaluation 2
The school is so unorganised…
Narmer American College Egypt 3/24 evaluation 35
Many people on this site seem to be highly confused and most things stated are not descriptive of NAC at all…
QSI International School Shenzhen China 3/24 evaluation 4 
We regret that we were unable to transfer you…
European International School Vietnam 3/23 First time reviewed on ISR
Dubai English Speaking College UAE 3/23 First time reviewed on ISR
British Vietnamese International School Vietnam 3/23 First time reviewed on ISR
m8bet online sports bettingEnglish Modern School Doha Qatar 3/23 evaluation 12 
Parents go running to the Supreme Education Council to get teachers fired if they don’t like the teacher…
Shanghai Singapore International School China 3/23 evaluation 17 
Overall, plenty of people on staff who have had a positive experience working here. I am one of them…
David Edwards 3/20 First time reviewed on ISR
Gems World Academy Singapore
British School Guangzhou China 3/20 evaluation 9
Definitely one of the more positive atmospheres I’ve experienced in schools…
Canadian International School Kunshan China 3/20 evaluation 4 
This school does NOT provide Family support, air tickets, visa support etc…
Ann Kagei 3/19 (report 2)
Seisen International School Japan
Bromsgrove International School Thailand 3/19 evaluation 23 
The Head & owner’s family have “executive” cover. Teachers are not allowed into this hallowed group…
Nansha College Preparatory Academy China 3/19 evaluation 5 
One can sum up NCPA with one acronym, CIN…
Dave Flaschberger 3/18 First time reviewed on ISR 
American School of Asunción Paraguay
Shirley Davis 3/18 (report 5)
American International School Kingston Jamaica
Ann Kagei 3/18 First time reviewed on ISR
Seisen International School Japan
Gregory Rayl 3/18 (report 10)
North Jakarta International School Indonesia
International School Zug Switzerland 3/18 evaluation 14
Security / personal safety = 10 (10 = very safe in and out of school)…
Hua Mao Multicultural Education Academy China 3/18 evaluation 5 
If you ever wanted to work in a school that respected you professionally or personally,
Al Maha Academy Qatar 3/18 evaluation 37
Rents are going up fast and this is so true. My rent allowance is not high enough…
International School Nanshan Shenzhen China 3/17 evaluation 3 
New teacher support? There is none, its “fight or flight” mode, an “everyone m8bet online sports bettingfor themselves” mentality!…
American School Kuwait 3/17 evaluation 41
There is so much more I can say about this school and I believe I touched on half the story…
Aichi International School Japan 3/16 First time reviewed on ISR
International School Geneva La Chataigneraie Campus  3/16  First time reviewed on ISR
Seisen International School Japan 3/16 evaluation 9
Some will claim this site is only for those to grind axes or air sour grapes …
Nakornpayap International School Thailand 3/12 evaluation 4 
Security / personal safety = 101 (0 = very safe in and out of school)
Dasman Bilingual School / Previously known as Model School Kuwait 3/12 evaluation 44
I don’t want to be mean but…   
  Louise Favaro 3/11/ Head of Student Services & High School Counselor First time reviewed on ISR
Chatsworth International School Singapore
Sri KDU International School Malaysia 3/11 evaluation 10 
Poor wages in comparison to other international schools in KL… 
Seisen International School Japan 3/11 evaluation 8
The two posters above attributing the leavers’ decisions to faults with the school is simply twisting the figures…
Larry Molacek 3/10 (report 7)
Surabaya International School Indonesia
Escuela Las Morochas Venezuela 3/10 First time reviewed on ISR
Chatsworth International School Singapore 3/10 evaluation 11 
The package itself is very ordinary, especially when put up against the high living costs of Singapore…
Dover Court Preparatory School Singapore 3/10 evaluation 6
There are many positives. Great students, supportive parents and a good salary…
  Philip Keech 3/9 First time reviewed on ISR 
International School Luxembourg  
Zak Palsha 3/9  First time reviewed on ISR 
Awsaj Academy Qatar
  Joe Moore 3/9 First time reviewed on ISR 
American International School Cairo Egypt
American International School Lagos Nigeria 3/9 evaluation 14
Lagos is a very difficult place to live and work…
International School in Genoa Italy 3/9 evaluation 2
I really enjoyed working here. Italy is stunningly beautiful, with mountains m8bet online casino games& sea nearby. Hard financially, but …
Bromsgrove International School Thailand 3/9 evaluation 22 
If you are thinking of applying check location, pay & conditions & facilities with other international schools …
Debbie McIntosh 3/6 (report 2)
Al Bayan Bilingual School Kuwait
 Gladiola Dona 3/6 First time reviewed on ISR
World Academy Tirana Albania
Al Maha Academy for Girls Qatar 3/6 evaluation 14
Cost of living in Qatar is going up very fast as well but salaries here at school are not…
Greengates School Mexico City Mexico 3/6 evaluation 10 
Highlights: Pay better than most schools. Teachers, students & parents are lovely. Mexico is splendid…
Liliana Kuroda 3/5 First time reviewed on ISR
Greengates School Mexico
Greengates School Mexico City Mexico 3/5 evaluation 9 
NOT in Mexico City, it is in Estado de Mexico which is about an hour outside the City if the traffic is good…
QSI International School Shekou China 3/4 evaluation 3 
Long story short…We gave up lives in the States to arrive in Hong Kong without anyone there to pick us up…
Seisen International School Japan 3/4 evaluation 7
They give you classes you never expected to teach, voiced no interest in, nor have any experience in…
Seoul Foreign School Korea 3/4 evaluation 9
Compensation good. Healthcare top-notch. Use of school-owned/maintained vehicles. Generous PD…
International Christian School Hong Kong 3/4 evaluation 2 
Location in New Territories is appealing, with less air pollution than Kowloon or Hong Kong island schools…
Le Rosey Switzerland 3/3 evaluation 3
Definitely a unique school. Some teachers have found their niche and have spent their entire career there…
International School Hague Holland 3/3 evaluation 2 
The school has seen a m8bet online casino gamesmassive transformation over the past few years…
Bromsgrove International School Thailand 3/3 evaluation 21 
Quite apart from what has been spoken about above there are 2 things prospective teachers need to know…
Dhirubhai Ambani International School India 3/2 evaluation 2 
India has a 6 day week. Therefore you will be expected to work on many Saturday as do most admin staff…
Seisen International School Japan 3/2 evaluation 6
The 2015-2016 school year will be a huge transition year. Seisen will be getting a new head of school…