September Additions To ISR

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New School Reviews

• Lakeside International School Costa Rica 9/30
First time reviewed on ISR [149 words]

• Galaxy International School Uganda 9/30
First time reviewed on ISR [187 words]

• St. Johnsbury Academy Korea 9/30 review 6
I’ll focus on facts of specific instances to illustrate the working experience… [416 words]

• TASIS The American School in England Great Britain 9/29 review 7
You don’t have to be paranoid to work here but some ARE out to torpedo you… [190 words]

• Al Batinah International School Oman 9/29 review 5
Had a great two years & will always have fond memories of it… [385 words]

• American School Warsaw Poland 9/29 review 16
Excellent; perhaps Europe’s best kept secret… [509 words]

• Newton College Peru 9/28 review 5
I’m grateful to have had this experience & hope you’ll give them a chance… [796 words]

• Yew Wah International Education School Shanghai Lingang China 9/28 review 9
It’s true people only leave bad reviews, but take them as a warning… [461 words]

• International School Belgrade Serbia 9/28 review 4
Belgrade is a vibrant city but is becoming expensive… [105 words]

• Rugby School Thailand 9/27 review 2
Don’t believe the pretty pictures in the brochure… [249 words]

• Universal American School Kuwait 9/27 review 43
The standard housing facility may be a hardship for a family… [277 words]

• Al Sahwa Schools Oman 9/27 review 31
There’s little more to add to reviews except that everything is true… [219 words]

• Yew Wah International Education School Shanghai Lingang China 9/24 review 8
Teachers have all the necessary items to work effectively… [346 words]

• Modern English School Egypt 9/24 review 38
The high pay does not balance the treatment… [104 words]

• BASIS International School Shenzhen China 9/24 review 13
Has a reputation for breaking & changing terms of contracts for its teachers… [223 words]

• St. Andrews International m8bet sports bettingSchool Green Valley Thailand 9/24 review 3
I’d be very cautious of anything promised unless it’s in writing… [218 words]

• Springboard International Bilingual School China 9/24 review 7
Read your contract carefully, there are a lot of “gotchas” that they can hold you to… [196 words]

• BINUS Serpong Indonesia 9/23
First time reviewed on ISR [298 words]

• Rugby School Thailand 9/23
First time reviewed on ISR [191 words]

• Al Ain English Speaking School UAE 9/23 review 12
Ruined my experience of international teaching entirely… [490 words]

• American International School Budapest Hungary 9/23 review 14
In terms of package and location in Europe, AISB is in the sweet spot… [577 words]

• Internationale Schule am Rhein Germany 9/23 review 21
Salaries aren’t fabulous, but permit you to live reasonably… [236 words]

• Leysin American School Switzerland 9/22 review 14
For me the negative factors outweighed the positive… [552 words]

• Clarion School Dubai UAE 9/22 review 2
This is NOT a school, this is a CIRCUS… [324 words]

• Kaiwen Academy Haidian China 9/22 review 23
Will treat you like an object they’ve purchased… [340 words]

• Bilingual Kids Academy International School Switzerland 9/22 review 2
It is my belief that the school is moving in the right direction… [330 words]

• International School Myanmar 9/22 review 40
Grateful for the opportunity but also very disappointed in them… [558 words]

• Korea International School Korea 9/21 review 24
Over the past few years has become an incredible place to work… [1,381 words]

• British School Jakarta Indonesia 9/21 review 10
From my perspective, a good place to work & I’d recommend it to friends… [869 words]

• GEMS World Academy Dubai UAE 9/21 review 27
Would you have climbed aboard the Titanic as it was sinking?… [666 words]

• Garden International School Thailand 9/21 review 13
I hope that that our SLT will reflect on their behaviour & act accordingly… [623 words]

• Modern English School Egypt 9/20 review 37
Experience dependent upon willingness to make do with what you have… [1,106 words]

• Miras International School Almaty Kazakhstan 9/20 review 15
Has seen better days, in terms of appearance & student numbers… [198 words]

• International School Panama 9/20 review 19
After only a few months I have already decided to not stay… [110 words]

• Wycombe Abbey International School China 9/20 review 38
m8bet Mobile appI should have taken more notice of comments here on ISR & stayed away… [340 words]

• A’Soud Global School Oman 9/17 review 4
Most teachers employed are from India or Philippines… [65 words]

• British School Jakarta Indonesia 9/17 review 9
Has been & will be a great school – it just isn’t at the moment… [207 words]

• Surabaya Intercultural School Indonesia 9/17 review 12
Not a stable school & seems to be living off their past reputation… [208 words]

• Olive Tree International Academy China 9/16
First time reviewed on ISR [66 words]

• Saigon South International School Vietnam 9/16 review 11
Non-profit status is apparent in how they choose to spend money… [48 words]

• American School Bangkok Thailand 9/15 review 30
Unfairly dismissed have had to sue in labor court to get severance pay… [189 words]

• International School Myanmar 9/15 review 39
The moment I stepped into the classroom, I knew I’d made a huge mistake… [1,774 words]

• Strothoff International School Germany 9/14 review 4
The future of SIS is anything but certain at this moment… [325 words]

• Cambridge English School Hawalli Kuwait 9/13 review 23
Has a lot to offer & I do wish the school in every success… [325 words]

• Shanghai Concord Bilingual School China 9/13 review 6
Strong moral values & a sense of responsibility? This place isn’t for you… [934 words]

• Bahrain Bayan School Bahrain 9/13 review 15
It’s a well rounded school, highly respected in the community… [1,270 words]

• Yew Wah International Education School Shanghai Lingang China 9/13 review 7
Collaborative approach with upper management is minimal… [197 words]

• International School London Qatar 9/10 review 24
I want to provide my thoughts on ISLQ and affirm previous reviews… [968 words]

• Gulf English School Kuwait 9/10 review 49
They rule by fear & threats of salary deductions… [272 words]

• St. George International School Bulgaria 9/10 review 4
Unknowingly worked illegally here as HR failed to process my residency… [179 words]

• GEMS International School Metropark Malaysia 9/9
First time reviewed on ISR [534 words]

• International School Brunei Darussalam 9/9 review 26
Unhealthy lifestyle, undue stress, & a feeling of being overwhelmed… [2,396 words]

• TASIS The American School in England Great Britain 9/9 review 6
The witch hunt is on to find out who grassed to ISR… [195 words]

• Hayat Universal Bilingual School Qatar 9/8 review 11
Do you simply live to work? If so, you might have found the right place… [378 words]

m8bet mobile login• Huamao International School China 9/8 review 21
Lucky ones who made it out are sharing the truth so YOU won’t be next… [1,339 words]

m8bet mobile login• Huamao International School China 9/8 review 22
I left after one year of my contract as I was treated really badly… [415 words]

• International School London Qatar 9/8 review 22
Staff is overwhelmed, saturated & overloaded… [41 words]

• International School London Qatar 9/8 review 23
My experience here felt a bit like leadership playing Whac-a-Mole… [193 words]

• International School Kazan Russia 9/7 review 13
The city of Kazan is great but the school has some major issues… [3,355 words]

• Yew Wah International Education School Lingang China 9/7 review 6
There’s a nice buzz around the school & a warm, friendly atmosphere… [372 words]

• St. Dominic’s International School Portugal 9/7 review 77
Until I worked here, I had not personally experienced a toxic environment… [565 words]

• Blyth Academy Qatar 9/7 review 20
It has a real ‘family feel’… [201 words]

• Instituto San Roberto Monterrey Mexico 9/6 review 6
Lots of negative comments here, I say it depends on what campus you work on… [139 words]

• International School London Qatar 9/6 review 21
Thank you to all who have posted here to share their experiences… [520 words]

• TASIS The American School in England Great Britain 9/6 review 5
Maybe people will feel able to speak out on ISR… [199 words]

• British School Jakarta Indonesia 9/6 review 8
Pay is high but you’ll need that to put up with the management… [408 words]

• International School London Qatar 9/3 review 20
Today I came home more exhausted than I’ve ever been in my teaching career… [1,472 words]

• International School Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 9/3 review 29
It was heartbreaking to want to leave after such a short period of time… [296 words]

• Zhuhai International School China 9/3 review 8
Up to us to figure out how to get remaining salary out of the country… [1,106 words]

• Avenor College Bucharest Romania 9/2
First time reviewed on ISR [467 words]

• Canadian International School Thailand 9/2
First time reviewed on ISR [134 words]

• Shenzhen American International School China 9/2 review 21
Students are local with foreign passports… [148 words]

• TASIS The American School in England 9/2 review 4
Ruled by a cabal of parents who if they don’t like you then you’re disappeared… [226 words]

• Gyeongnam International Foreign School Korea 9/1 review 23
The salary at GIFS is not the highest in the area… [524 words]

• Raha International School UAE 9/1 review 10
Teachers trying to teach with minimal equipment m8bet online sports betting& resources… [172 words]

• Malvern College Egypt 9/1 review 16
I’m sad I gave my time to this school, you shouldn’t… [364 words]

• American School Vietnam 9/1 review 28
In 2020, teachers were notified that all incoming staff were let go… [451 words]

Director & Principal Reports

• Iain Colledge 9/30 (Principal Report 3)
Raha International School UAE

• Davina McCarthy 9/29 (Principal Report 5)
Australian International School Vietnam

• Barbara Netzel 9/28 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
International School Belgrade Serbia

• Warren Bowers 9/28 (Principal Report 2)
International School Belgrade Serbia

• Ruth Sanderson 9/27 (Principal Report 4)
Doha College Qatar

• Jeff Marquis 9/27 (Principal Report 2)
Prem Tinsulanonda International School Thailand

• Tyler Sherwood 9/24 (Principal Report 4)
Chatsworth International School Singapore

• Sherrierose Gonzales 9/23 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
BINUS Serpong Indonesia

• Thomas Meakin 9/22 (Principal Report 4)
GEMS World Academy Dubai UAE

• Craig Williamson 9/21 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
International School Riga Latvia

• Harry Roberts 9/20 (Director Report 5)
RDFZ King’s College School Hangzhou China 

• John Maguire 9/20 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
British School Bahrain

• Saima Rana 9/17 (Director Review 36)
GEMS World Academy Dubai UAE

• Chris Larter 9/17 (Principal Report 4)
Chiyoda International School Japan

• Lily Chua 9/16 (Director Report 2)
RDFZ King’s College School Hangzhou China

• Sascha Heckmann 9/15 (Director Report 18)
American School Foundation Monterrey Mexico

• Dwayne Lehman 9/15 (Principal Report 6)
Southbridge International School Cambodia

• Michael Hoefig 9/14 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Strothoff International School Germany

• Jeff Hinton 9/14 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Anglo-American School Moscow Russia

• Stephen Kay 9/14 (Principal Report 3)
International School Brunei Darussalam

• Chris Larter 9/14 (Principal Report 3)
Chiyoda International School Japan

• Kathryn Miner 9/10 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
GEMS American Academy Abu Dhabi UAE

• Nonie Adams 9/10 (Principal Report 3)
British School Beijing Shunyi China

• Chris Larter 9/10 (Principal Report 2)
Chiyoda International School Japan

• Bryan Nixon 9/9 (Principal Report 6)
TASIS The American School in England Great Britain

• Tom Nolan 9/9 (Director Report 5)
Harrow International School Beijing China

• Grant Gillies 9/6 (Principal Report 2)
Doha College Qatar

• Jennifer LeVarge 9/3 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Korea International School Korea

• Tarana Akhmedova 9/3 (Principal Report 2)
BASIS International School Guangzhou China

• Richard Boerner 9/1 (Director Report 5)
Graded School Sao Paulo Brazil