September Additions To ISR

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New School Reviews

British Columbia International School Bangkok Thailand 9/30 m8bet online casino games
Quality International Schools Astana Kazakhstan 9/30 First time reviewed on ISR
Cambridge International Centre DaQing No.1 School China 9/30 First time reviewed on ISR 
Overseas Family School Singapore 9/30 evaluation 8 
No fundraising (for charities etc), park clean-ups expressly banned. Youtube blocked, class web sites banned…
Al Khor International School Qatar 9/30 evaluation 36
Questions like these however are only one tip of many icebergs as we all “Strive for Excellence”….   
Canadian Bilingual Kuwait 9/30 evaluation 3 Formerly Gulf International 
Behaviour issues crop up every day, and teachers have had to quit because…
American School Vietnam 9/30 evaluation 3
Knowing fellow colleagues engineered removal of previous head and are targeting others is horribly disturbing…
British School Lome Togo 9/30 evaluation 7 
Lots of good news about BSL which all happened due to the benign governance of Parent’s Association…
m8bet online sports bettingDave Pontich 9/27 (report 5)
New Cairo British International School Egypt
m8bet sports bettingDave Pontich 9/27 (report 4)
New Cairo British International School Egypt
m8bet online casino gamesCorey Johnson 9/27
Shude AP Center Chengdu China
Al Hekma School Bahrain 9/27 evaluation 5
Parents are allowed too much input and the teachers m8bet online casino gamesare not protected from the attack by parents…
Shenyang Pacific International Academy China 9/27 evaluation 3 
Problem may be that some men just have a problem with a woman in a position of authority…
Newton International School Qatar 9/26 evaluation 9
If I had known in advance what it was going to be like I still would have gone and have no regrets…
Singapore International School Vietnam 9/26 evaluation 10 
I worked at SIS Van Phuc. It’s not a great school, but as a place to work it was fine…
Al Khor International School Qatar 9/26 evaluation 35
I can confidently state things have reached a new low ebb…
Harrow International School Bangkok Thailand 9/25 evaluation 4 
I came for just two years to get some international experience but stayed, it’s been great…
Gulf English School Kuwait 9/25 evaluation 24
It is only now that I have come across this site. How I wish I had read the reviews before I signed the contract…
International School Dakar Senegal 9/25 evaluation 9
Dakar can be challenging due to poor infrastructure. Things like water outages, electrify failures & blackouts…
Ayeyarwaddy International School Myanmar 9/25 evaluation 3 
I was let go, clearly a breach of contract. NO where in my contract did I agree to teach on Saturday….
Supreme Education Council Qatar 9/25 evaluation 2
Piles of money for flashy new buildings, but little sense to employ western staff who have proven knowledge…
Shenyang Pacific International Academy China 9/25 evaluation 2 
Complaining is not possible, the owner is Chinese and the only communication is thru the principal…
m8bet mobile loginDave Pontich 9/24 (report 3)
New Cairo British International School Egypt
St. Mary’s International School Japan 9/24 evaluation 4 
My 6 years at St. Mary’s were the most positive and memorable m8bet online sports bettingof the 4 international schools in which I taught…
Koc School Istanbul Turkey 9/24evaluation 10
Some teachers leave school for coffee while others are questioned for leaveing the office to go to the library…
Gulf English School Qatar 9/24 evaluation 31
I want to inform potential employees what they are in for. I am having a fantastic time at GES…
Shude AP Center Chengdu China 9/24 First time reviewed on ISR 
m8bet Mobile appMark Curnane 9/23 (report 4)
Sri KDU International School Malaysia
Western Academy Beijing China 9/23 evaluation 22
Many posts point to admin issues and I agree with some. But, overall, a position here will be an amazing…
Wellspring Learning Community Lebanon 9/23 evaluation 4 
During the summer you have to pack up all of your belongings so they can be moved to anothert…
Al Khor International School Qatar 9/23 evaluation 34
The root of the problem for bad exam results is the teachers!!! That’s it! Point that finger…
Rasami British International School Thailand 9/20 First time reviewed on ISR 
Canggu Community School Indonesia 9/20 evaluation 2 
If offered a position & you thrive in a high quality hard working environment, I recommend you take it!…
Iain Stirling 9/19 (report 2)
Advanced Learning Schools Saudi Arabia
Majdi El Hajj 9/19 (report 2)
Advanced Learning Schools Saudi Arabia
Kathy Khayatt 9/19 (report 4)
Advanced Learning Schools Saudi Arabia
Jeddah Knowledge School 9/19 evaluation 12
In time, history will speak for itself and I firmly believe that JKS’s history will be written gloriously…
ISTEK Foundation Turkey 9/18 evaluation 8
No materials or budget inn our department for simple school necessities such as printing paper…
Kathy Khayaytt 9/18 (report 3)
Advanced Learning Schools Saudi Arabia
Russ Mclean 9/18 (report 4)
American International School Kuwait
Noblesse International School Philippines 9/18 evaluation 16 
There is a big divide between how this school m8bet mobile loginpresents itself and the reality on the ground…
Loa Midford 9/17 First time reviewed on ISR
Fawzia Sultan International School
Tania Callaway 9/17 (report 2)
Fawzia Sultan International School
Changchun American International School China 9/17 evaluation 7 
I was a teacher and parent of 2 children. One was belittled & bullied by her PYP 1 homeroom teacher…
Vivek Nair 9/16 First time reviewed on ISR
School of the Nations Macau China
Taipei European School Taipei 9/16 evaluation 8
I have no problem working hard but this school can be a bit much. Lots of meetings. 8 in 5 days was my record…
British School Lome Togo 8/16 evaluation 6
Teachers who want to use technology are expected to provide their own personal projectors, laptops & iPads…
Gyeonggi Suwon International School Korea 9/16 evaluation 6 
I worked at GSIS for over 2 years and actually broke my contract and left…I had planned a 4 year stint…
Harold Fleetham 9/13 (report 5)
Lincoln School Nepal
Canggu Community School Indonesia 9/13 First time reviewed on ISR  
After 4 years I applied to another school & my Director requested I resign if I was even to apply… 
Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Kazakhstan 9/13 evaluation 13 
I felt uncomfortable when colleagues were criticized and disciplined in public. I cringed when students… 
ACG International School Jakarta Indonesia 9/13 evaluation 2 
Professional Development is not only offered but encouraged, paid for, and transportation provided… 
Greg Cairnduff 9/12 First time reviewed on ISR
Australian International Sch. Bangkok Thailand
Rob Khan 9/12 First time reviewed on ISR   
New Cairo British International School Egypt
American College Cyprus 9/12 evaluation 3
No payslips. …they would do anything they could to deny you what you had earned…
Ayeyarwaddy International School Myanmar 9/12 evaluation 2 
The School is great, the apartment is nice. The local and kids are great, but…
Adam Broomfield 9/11 (reports 9 & 10)
EtonHouse International School Suzhou China
Ayeyarwaddy International School Myanmar 9/11 First time reviewed on ISR
m8bet online casino gamesBritish School Guangzhou China 9/11 evaluation 5
Pity they don’t pay according to experience and skills..
Nate Chapman 9/10  (report 3)
Carlucci American International School Portugal
Ettie Zilber 9/10 (report 5)
Beijing BISS International School China
American International School Kuwait 9/10 evaluation 60 
I will keep this simple and honest regarding my four years teaching at this school…
Chatsworth International School Singapore 9/10 evaluation 4 
“ Making it up as we go” should be the motto. Items appear & disappear on the calendar as if by magic…
Gregg Pinick 9/9 First time reviewed on ISR 
Concordia International School
Eric Semler 9/9 First time reviewed on ISR
Concordia International School China
Garden International School Malaysia 9/9 evaluation 2
KL city is a nice easy place to live, if you like the tropical heat and humidity but not much to do…
American International School Vienna Austria 9/9 evaluation 3 
Great place to work with friendly, professional colleagues who are supportive of each other…
American College Cyprus 9/9 evaluation 2
17 official holiday ‘days’ with no proper Xmas break…
Steven Hupp 9/6 (report 3)
Colegio Maya de Guatemala
Faruk Kaya 9/6 First time reviewed on ISR
Atlantic International School Russia
Brian Matthews 9/6 (report 16)
American International Sch. Riyadh Saudi Arabia
North London Collegiate School Korea 9/6 evaluation 3
Elsa High School Hong Kong 9/6 evaluation 3
Pay scale only open to principal & operational director. Packages vary depending on your negotiation skill…
Radhika Sinha 9/5 (report 3)
Aditya Birla World Academy India
Colegio de Ingleterra – The English School Colombia 9/5 evaluation 2 
The culture of the school is one of allowing students to behave exactly as they wish…
Chris Mantz 9/4 (report 8)
British School Manila Philippines
Dave Pontich 9/4 (report 2)
New Cairo British International School, Egypt
Larry Molacek 9/4 (report 3)
Surabaya International School Indonesia
Raymond Williams 9/3 First time reviewed on ISR
New Cairo British International School Egypt
Graeme Garrett 9/3 (report 3)
m8bet online casino gamesSultans School Oman
Sri KDU International School Malaysia 9/3 evaluation 8
In the middle of nowhere – it takes a full one hour to get into KL city centre, by taxi…
American College Cyprus 9/2 First time reviewed on ISR 
They wanted me to let them know which student called himself a Kurd. They said the police wanted to know…
Doha British School Qatar 9/2 evaluation 2
There are no street lights, streets are filled with piles of litter and it is very unsafe…