September Additions To ISR

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New School Reviews

Mercedes Benz International School India 9/30 evaluation 5 
I was the one creating my own misery, not India. This realization changed everything for me in an instant…
Bromsgrove International School Thailand 9/30 evaluation 13 
An exciting time to be a teacher or student at BIST. Working here is a thoroughly rewarding experience…
Excelsior International School Malaysia 9/30 evaluation 4 
As well as being misled about wages, we were duped on tax, housing, start up costs & medical package…
m8bet mobile loginJulian Leah 9/29 (report 2)
Excelsior International School
m8bet online sports bettingBruce Robinson 9/29 (report 2)
Renaissance International School Vietnam
Cheongna Dalton School Korea 9/29 evaluation 5 
We’ve had phenomenal staff but nearly every single one who’s left has done so on a negative note…
International School Dongguan China 9/29 evaluation 2 
Facilities of the school are quite good and the Board has been willing to continue to improve them…
m8bet sports bettingBruce Robinson 9/26 First time reviewed on ISR
Renaissance International School Vietnam
m8bet online casino gamesJeff Walker 9/26 (report 3)
Access International Academy Ningbo China
m8bet mobile loginBrad Latzke 9/26 First time reviewed on ISR
Shanghai American School Puxi China
Excelsior International School Malaysia 9/26 evaluation 3
First 2 weeks were good. Flights & visas sorted, accommodation driver at airport. What followed…
m8bet Mobile appVictoria Banks 9/25 (report 2)
New School Georgia
Emilio Sanchez International School Spain 9/25 First time reviewed on ISR
International School Panama 9/24 evaluation 6
HR staff woke up at 4:m8bet mobile login00 AM to stand in line at social security office, so we wouldn’t have to wait all day…
Al Jazeera Academy Doha Qatar 9/24 evaluation 28
Keep adding more to our backs but we are not donkeys…
Bromsgrove International School Thailand 9/24 evaluation 12
As someone who did their best to leave last year when the last, very effective, Head was ousted I must say…
Cambridge International Centre China 9/24 evaluation 3 
School is located in a local Chinese middle school and is in desperate need of a good over haul…
The International School Macao China 9/24 evaluation 15 
Teaching at TIS was a great experience. Staff was great to work with many activities outside school…
Tim Travers 9/23 (report 6)
American International School of Lagos
Ralph Pruitt 9/23 (report 4)
Awsaj Academy Qatar
Al Raha International School Abu Dhabi UAE 9/23 evaluation 8 
Good staff , parents are mostly easy going but administration is old school….
Seri Omega Private & International School Malaysia 9/23 evaluation 7 
Taxes exorbitant. Decent flats far more expensive than allowance. Taxi transport costly…
James Murphy 9/22 (report 2)
Dipont AP Center at Fuyang HS
Access International Academy Ningbo China 9/22 evaluation 28 
As a parent who pays a lot of money to send their child to this school…
British School Alexandria Egypt 9/22 evaluation 4
The school is in need of a wake up call. Horrendous experience overall…
Canadian International School Singapore 9/19 evaluation 19 
Time demands are getting outrageous…
Guangzhou Nanhu International School China 9/19 evaluation 8 
Most parents are working class & chose to put their children in this school for the reason of lower tuition…
Branksome Hall Asia Korea 9/19 evaluation 8
It’s great having a great educationalist m8bet mobile loginlike Peter Kenny guiding the school development…
Byron Prugh 9/18 First time reviewed on ISR
Korea International School Jeju South Korea
Kaust School at King Abdullah University Saudi Arabia 9/18 evaluation 8 
KAUST is like a little bubble…But what a wonderful bubble to stay in. Safe, full of fun…
Guangzhou Nanhu International School China 9/18 evaluation 7 
If you don’t mind meetings every other day…a meeting that requires a meeting…
Canadian International School Singapore 9/18 evaluation 18 
Extended the workday in addition to after school meetings and Extra curricular activities…
Elham Al Fadli 9/17 First time reviewed on ISR
Jeddah Knowledge School Saudi Arabia
Gregory Lewis 9/17 First time reviewed on ISR
Jeddah Knowledge School Saudi Arabia  
Yasmin Suliman 9/17 (report 2)
Jeddah Knowledge School Saudi Arabia  
Neil Bunting 9/17 First time reviewed on ISR
Jeddah Knowledge School Saudi Arabia  
Nicholette Marrilier 9/17 First time reviewed on ISR 
Jeddah Knowledge School Saudi Arabia
Karen AlGhamdi 9/17  (report 2)
Jeddah Knowledge School Saudi Arabia  
MEF International School Istanbul Turkey 9/17 evaluation 15 
There have been significant changes in the administration this year…
Joseph Castillejo 9/16 (report 2)
American School Durango Mexico
Elshan Musayev 9/16 (report 2)
School No.6 Baku Azerbaijan
Bill Parent 9/15 First time reviewed on ISR
Heritage International School Egypt
Ardian Hoxha 9/15 First time reviewed on ISR
American School Kosova, Kosovo
Elshan Musayev 9/15 First time reviewed on ISR
School No.6 Baku Azerbaijan
Kwangmin Park 9/15 First time reviewed on ISR
Cheongna Dalton School South Korea
King George V School Hong Kong 9/15 First time reviewed on ISR
Victoria International School Sharjah UAE 9/15 evaluation 3 
The money that the school makes, which is now quite a lot, has definitely been put back into facilities…
Access International Academy Ningbo China 9/15 evaluation 27
I write as a concerned parent and customer. Once again I feel the school board has dumped…
British School Beijing Shunyi Campus China 9/15 evaluation 5 
The key to working here or any other international school is not believing all the gossip you hear…
Aditya Birla World Academy India 9/15 evaluation 5
Nothing international about this school. Approach m8bet Mobile appis local, narrow-minded & outdated in several respects…
Al Yasmina School Abu Dhabi UAE 9/15 evaluation 6
Ignorantly & persistently ignore that a school’s success is built from teachers delivering quality lessons…
Jeff Walker 9/12 (report 2)
Access International Academy Ningbo China
Anglo-American School Moscow 9/12 evaluation 19
I think that some people wanted more/better but I loved it. The package was good…
American School Paris France 9/12 evaluation 2
The big draw isn’t the school itself, but Paris. However administration are working hard to change that… 
Modern English School Egypt /12 evaluation 16
You operate in a zoo environment with frustrated exhausted teachers as zoo keeps…
Mark Tribett 9/11 (report 2)
Modern American School Jordan
Corey Johnson 9/11 (report 2)
Chengdu Shude AP Center
Singapore International School Hong Kong 9/11 evaluation 5 
An “international” school only in the very loosest sense of the word…
International Institute for Languages Saudi Arabia 9/11 First time reviewed on ISR 
Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Maim Germany 9/11 evaluation 5
James Murphy 9/10
Dipont AP Center at Fuyang HS
Adam Campbell 9/10 
International School Manila Philippines
Esbjerg International School Denmark 9/10 evaluation 2 
Report a colleague doing something wrong and get a pay raise or a bonus…
Paul Williams 9/8 (report 3)
The American School Foundation Mexico City
Shirley Davis 9/8 (report 4)
American International School Kingston
Kristen Tywan 9/8 First time reviewed on ISR 
Volunquest Isla Mujers Mexico
British School Bahrain 9/9 evaluation 6
Please warn schools that wanted pedophile, Paul Meeken, is actively searching for work…
Newton International Academy Qatar 9/9 First time reviewed on ISR
Al Jazeera Academy Doha Qatar 9/9 evaluation 27
I should have taken notice of the previous reviews but fell for the wonderful & ultimately, untruthful interview…
Singapore International School Vietnam 9/9 evaluation 13 
Principals are kind and m8bet online sports bettingso are the teachers. Kids are great. If it weren’t for feeling ripped off…
Newton College Peru 9/8 evaluation 2
Board is parent based so fees don’t increase much. I don’t see more money for resources & trainning…
Jeddah Knowledge School Saudi Arabia 9/8 evaluation 17 
I am proud of my contribution to the school even if it wasn’t wholly recognised at times. (Review response)
American School Kosova Kosavo 9/8 evaluation 7
This is the most unfair institution that I have ever worked for or been in contact with and I have known many.
Chris Boyle 9/4 First time reviewed on ISR 
Pledge Harbor School & Sports Bangladesh
Martin Mai 9/4 (report 2)
Pledge Harbor School & Sports Bangladesh
Robin Klymow 9/4 First time reviewed on ISR 
Renaissance International School Vietnam
Institute of Applied Technology UAE 9/4 evaluation 3
I have seen excellent teachers get fired and harassed…
Yew Chung International School Qingdao China 9/4 evaluation 6 
It was a great pleasure and privilege that I can write a review about Yew Chung…
Jeddah Knowledge School Saudi Arabia 9/3 evaluation 16 
I think I need to take a sabbatical now…
Excelsior International School Malaysia 9/3 evaluation 2 
Staff who don’t see eye to eye with higher ups have been escorted off school premises. They are lucky…
International School Ulaanbaatar 9/3 evaluation 20
They don’t seem to have any idea lesson plans, grading, and classroom instruction also need our attention…
Bedriyah Itani 9/3 First time reviewed on ISR
Qatar Academy Al Wakra Qatar
Al Maha Academy Boys/Girls Division Qatar 9/2 evaluation 34 
I never had any real issues at Al Maha and I was there for 3 years. It’s what you make it really…
American School Kosova Kosavo 9/2 evaluation 6
I believe American School Kosova is one of the very few schools that really live up to it’s mission & vision… 
Pan American School Porto Alegre Brazil 9/2 evaluation 2 
Documentation heavy, which takes up valuable prep time & makes m8bet online sports bettinga teacher’s first year quite burdensome…
Qatar Academy Al Wakra Qatar 9/1 evaluation 2
I broke up more fights than at an inner city school I worked in with gangs. Students tell teachers to “shut up”…
Bromsgrove International School Thailand 9/1 evaluation 11  
The Assistant Head of Boarding then produced a list of maybe 20 students, that were also guilty…
American International School Lesotho 9/1 evaluation 4 
Continues to be a wonderful place to work with a committed group of staff and a family-like school culture…