April Additions To ISR

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New School Reviews

m8bet online sports bettingConnie Weiner 4/30 m8bet sports betting
Gems Sheikh Zayed Private Academy  
m8bet sports bettingDebra Lane 4/30 (report 9)
Shanghai American School China
m8bet online casino gamesAndy Mirhaj 4/30 (report 3)
Dasman Model School Kuwait
m8bet mobile loginMike Pavlos 4/30 (report 2)
Misr-American College Egypt
“The” International School of Macao, Macau China 4/30 evaluation 12 
Technology studies from Grade 7-12 is one of the best in pearl river region amongst International Schools…
Misr-American College Egypt 4/30 evaluation 4
Go with an open mind and have an excellent time. Staff/administration are reasonable people who love kids…
British School of Guangzhou China 4/30 evaluation 4
If you are happy to turn up for work, take the pay, not rock the boat and keep your head down you will be fine…
American School of Asuncion Paraguay 4/30 evaluation 7 
Administration likes to place those who are less competent into specialist and leadership positions…
British International School Riyadh Saudi Arabia 4/27 evaluation 6 & 7 
(6) Great school, real excitement about the future… (7) Wonderful school, great teachers, motivated kids…
Nanjing International School China 4/27 evaluation 13 
Salaries are a lot better m8bet online casino gamesthan when we arrived and we are saving even with increase in prices…
American Bilingual School Kuwait 4/27 evaluation 12
Not a school, a business. A place Kuwaitis project an image their kids are prestigious going to an American…
American School of Marrakesh Morocco 4/27 evaluation 8 
Turn over of 90%. It’s pretty clear they choose to move on for good reason…
m8bet Mobile appRobert Woods 4/27 First time reviewed on ISR
International School of Moshi Tanzania
American International School Dhaka 4/26 evaluation 12
Great for families, sweet package, easy living, great kids, super colleagues and supportive administration…
Gulf English School Qatar 4/26 evaluation 23 
Salaries are definitely lower than at other schools…
Danielle Rich 4/26 First time reviewed on ISR
Korea International School
Debra Lane 4/25 (report 8)
Shanghai American School China
British International School Riyadh Saudi Arabia 4/25 evaluation 5
Living in compounds is awful and totally devoid of reality. Alcohol is banned. Gays/lesbians lashed publicly….
Kerry Jacobson 4/25 (report 3)
Shanghai American School China
International School Myanmar 4/25 evaluation 17
This isn’t a traditional school review but actually a rewrite of Dr. Seuss’s “If I Ran the Zoo…
ACS Singapore 4/24 evaluation 6
I think the school is a great little school with interesting kids…
“The” International School of Macao, Macau China 4/24 evaluation 11
Professional development included & frequented throughout the year. School covers this 100%…
American School of Torreon Mexico 4/24 evaluation 15 
A great experience for me overall. As with any overseas experience, if you come in with a positive attitude…
Discovery College Hong Kong 4/23 First time reviewed on ISR 
m8bet Mobile appThe American School in Switzerland TASIS 4/23 evaluation 3 
Personal belief statement has strong religious references & veiled discrimination towards gay people…
Dasman Model School Kuwait 4/23 evaluation 23
It offends me a reviewer would suggest 19 people who wrote comments were just bitter & angry & venting…
International School Madrid Spain 4/20 First time reviewed on ISR
Little stress & pressure, though workload is heavy. Not for everyone. I will truly miss it when we leave..
Andy Mirhaj 4/20 (report 2)
Dasman Model School Kuwait
Mario Fiallos 4/20 (report 3)
American International School Vietnam
Dasman Model School Kuwait 4/20 evaluation 21
Let me set the records straight for perspective teachers coming to Dasman Model School… 
Australian International School Bangkok Thailand 4/20 evaluation 2
I enjoyed my time working there. The parents were lovely, and the students were sweet…
Vanessa Bingham 4/19 (report 2)
Shanghai Rego International School China
Sinarmas World Academy Indonesia 4/19 evaluation 11 
What makes the place great is the staff. What makes the place difficult is the lack of sincerity from admin…
Yogyakarta International School Indonesia 4/19 evaluation 3 
Board has hired a local business manager as school principal…
Stamford American International School Singapore 4/19 evaluation 12 
All the problems of a new school, including not being accredited in the United States…
Shaysann Kaun 4/18 First time reviewed on ISR
Colegio Nueva Granada Colombia
Stamford American International School Singapore 4/18 evaluation 11 
If you are not used to being measured on delivery in the classroom, this could be a wake up call …
Dasman Model School Kuwait 4/18 evaluation 20
In High School they are starting to regain control…
Mario Fiallos 4/17 (report 2)
American International School Vietnam
Stamford American International School Singapore 4/17 evaluation 10 
Nothing like an American school as it is run by m8bet online casino gamesa man who has never taught in the US…
New International School of Thailand 4/17 evaluation 6 
Hindsight is 20/20 and this place was great. All great minds working toward a common goal…
  Brian Manditch 4/16 (report 2)
Changchun American International School
Western Academy Beijing China 4/16 evaluation 16
Some fantastic staff and some definite pluses, you just have to weigh whether the other parts are worth it …
American School in Japan 4/16 evaluation 6
Travel to, from and within Japan is expensive but with the high salary you can easily afford multiple trips…
Lauren Mehrbach 4/13 First time reviewed on ISR
American Cooperative School of Tunis
Diana O’Leary 4/13 (report 2)
American Community School Amman
American Nicaraguan School Nicaragua 4/13 evaluation 11
Shanghai Singapore International School 4/13 evaluation 9 
When I look at the reviews for schools there are definite pictures that emerge. And the one for this school…
Diana O’Leary 4/12 First time reviewed on ISR
American Community School Amman
Ningbo Zhicheng School International China 4/12 evaluation 2 
Atmosphere is very positive & academic, good relations between staff/students/administrators etc…
Anthony Coles 4/11 First time reviewed on ISR
International School of Phnom Penh Cambodia
International Academy Amman Jordan 4/11 evaluation 28 
Upon arriving at IAA as head of secondary I was confronted with a school in crisis. Staff turnover was…
Mario Fiallos 4/10 First time reviewed on ISR
American International School Vietnam
Yogyakarta International School Indonesia 4/10 evaluation 2 
Recent dismissal of Head who was in a position to turn this into an international school…
International School of Lusaka Zambia 4/10 evaluation 9 
ISL is is neither American nor British. Present Head of School is an experienced international educator…
Dasman Model School Kuwait 4/9 evaluation 19
m8bet Mobile appApartments are in dirtiest, grossest part of town. Buildings have caught fire twice & we have no fire alarms or…
Sultan’s School Oman 4/9 evaluation 3 
The stories of its excellence are still alive…
International School Aamby India 4/9 evaluation 8
Location is pleasant but isolated. Students are cooperative …
Andy Mirhaj 4/9 First time reviewed on ISR
Dasman Model School Kuwait
Casablanca American School Morocco 4/5 evaluation 18
Deira International School UAE 4/5 evaluation 15
The board and the Director cannot be rated together as a single entity…
International Academy Amman Jordan 4/5 evaluation 27
Exactly what an MYP school should not be…
Robertson Ian 4/5 (report 3)
Canadian International School Tokyo
Changchun American International School China 4/4 evaluation 3 
The locals come and stare in awe at the circular building built around a central atrium & they are impressed…
Wells International School Thailand 4/4 evaluation 9
Lead a boring life? Join Wells – there is never a dull moment…
Shanghai Rego International School China 4/4 evaluation 5
The teaching staff are all committed and achieve largely great academic results despite having no resources…
Richard Langille 4/3 (report 2)
QSI Kosice Slovakia
Kaust School at King Abdullah University Saudi Arabia 4/3 evaluation 5 
Keep other options open until you have a formal contract & are absolutely certain there is a job…
British International School (Britanico) Barranquilla Colombia 4/3 evaluation 3 
In their defens, they are generous in making sure staff attend IB workshops… 
Philip Stewart 3/21 (report 2)
Dulwich College Shanghai China
 Melissa Schaub 4/2 (report 2)
American Int’l School Bucharest Romania
Richard Boerner 4/2 (report 2)
American Int’l School Dhaka Bangladesh
m8bet online sports bettingAtlantic International School Moscow Russia 4/2 evaluation 3 
Clearly, foreign teachers are used as ‘faces’ to lure in students with the promise of an English program…
Shenzen American International School China 4/2 First time reviewed on ISR  
International School of Lusaka Zambia 4/2 evaluation 8 
If you like the bush, not too worried about the state of the house and not too materialistic…