August Additions To ISR

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New School Reviews

m8bet online sports bettingDavid Hicks 8/31 First time reviewed on ISR
Emirates International School Meadows
United Private Schools Oman 8/31 evaluation 2
I waited 7 months for a visa, staff still awaiting visas after 12 months. No residency card causes problems…
Asuncion Christian Academy Paraguay 8/31 First time reviewed on ISR
The color of the school is blue. What do I mean by this?…
m8bet online sports bettingPeter Murphy 8/30
Vienna International School Austria
m8bet sports bettingTheresa Eno 8/30 First time reviewed on ISR
TLC International School Mauritania
TED College Istanbul (TED Istanbul Koleji) 8/30 evaluation 8 
What are you guys complaining about?
International School Tripoli Libya 8/30 evaluation 6
Jeddah Knowledge School Saudi Arabia 8/30 evaluation 9
Saint John Mary International School Thailand 8/29 First time reviewed on ISR
This is not revenge…
Danube International School Austria 8/29 evaluation 6
The after-tax salary will be a big shock!…
m8bet online casino gamesDonna Hammond 8/29 First time reviewed on ISR
TLC International School Mauritania
m8bet mobile loginIan Piper 8/29 First time reviewed on ISR
Danube International School Vienna Austria
m8bet Mobile appPhilip Stewart 8/28 (report 7)
Dulwich College Shanghai China  
Al Maha Academy Qatar 8/28 evaluation 14
I often feel web sites like this are written by teachers with axes to grind. Unfortunately, what you read…..
Hayah International Acdmy. Egypt 8/28 evaluation 13
Students expelled from classroom immediately returned because after all thy’re from “good families”!…
Richard Dyer 8/27 First time reviewed on ISR
m8bet mobile loginThe British International School Vietnam
TLC International School Mauritania 8/27 First time reviewed on ISR 
The students are wonderful and the apartments are not bad…
International School Curitiba Brazil 8/27 evaluation 11
School undergoing impressive transformation that has improved quality of teaching, PD & technology…
Bryan Nixon 8/24 (report 4)
St Andrew’s International School Bahamas
Martin Blackburn 8/24 (report 2)
International Academy Amman Jordan
Sekolah Ciputra Indonesia 8/24 evaluation 2
Contact teachers make up your own mind. Pluses & minuses all round, everyone has a different perspective…
Ras Al Khaimah English Speaking Sch. (Rakess) UAE 8/24 evaluation 6 
I can only liken the staffs’ professionalism & dedication to the orchestra on the Titanic…
Sekolah Ciputra Indonesia 8/23 First time reviewed on ISR
Don’t take kids here!!! They’re ignored, treated without affection, photographed and put on School adverts..
Academic Colleges Group (ACG) Vietnam 8/23 evaluation 3 
When you visit sites like this you must discern disgruntled employee from those with genuine objections…
Jim Lothschutz 8/23 First time reviewed on ISR
Sekolah Ciputra Indonesia
Sarojini Rao 8/22 First time reviewed on ISR
Indus International School India
International School Zug Switzerland 8/22 evaluation 7
No support, disciplinary or otherwise, from unprofessional admin. Serious discipline problems not…
The International School Macao China 8/22 evaluation 13 
I chose to post my comments here after extensive thoughts, since it is not the school’s fault, it’s more…
Mark Lee 8/21 (report 7)
Casablanca American School Morocco
Phil Bowen 8/20 (report 3)
International School Lusaka  
Nancy Sisung 8/20 (report 3)
Seoul International School Korea
British School of Egypt 8/21 evaluation 3
Far too much emphasis m8bet mobile loginon what parents want, rather than what would be most beneficial for the children…
American International School Zagreb Croatia 8/21 evaluation 5 
If you are willing to adapt, take risks, and try new things you will be more likely to enjoy the city…
Nigel Melen 8/20 Time time reviewed on ISR
United Private Schools Oman
Tim Carr 8/20 First time reviewed on ISR
Jakarta International School Indonesia
International School Curitiba Brazil 8/20 evaluation 10 
Rigorous academic program in nurturing atmosphere. We’re blessed with excellent director and principal…
Muscat International School Oman 8/20 evaluation 15
School has fostered great intolerance towards constructive suggestions & dignified inter-personal behaviour…
Saint Andrew’s International High School Malawi 8/20 evaluation 3 
The students are amazing – they are flexible and adaptive; the leadership…
Bill Delbrugge 8/17 First time reviewed on ISR
American International School Egypt
American International School Egypt 8/17 evaluation 40 
Security situation is worsening. Muggings, robberies, home robberies are becoming more common…
Vietnam American International School 8/17 evaluation 3
If you are considering teaching here, I would encourage you to put a lot of thought into it…
Mark Lee 8/16 (report 6)
Casablanca American School Morocco
Marian Baker School Costa Rica 8/16 evaluation 3
The school is older but tech is decent & improving. Location is gorgeous, you look over the valley and relax….
Nancy Sisung 8/15 (report 2)
Seoul International School Korea
Wuxi International School China 8/15 First time reviewed on ISR   
Quality Schools International Dili East Timor 8/15 First time reviewed on ISR  
Philip Stewart 8/14 (report 6)
Dulwich College Shanghai China  
Bryan Nixon 8/14 (report 3)
Bavarian International School Germany
Gulf English School Qatar 8/14 evaluation 25 
Emails were intercepted & several staff were interrogated & threatened. m8bet sports bettingThis decreased existing low morale.
Walworth Barbar American International School Israel 8/14 evaluation 5 
A more professional atmosphere is being created and the “old guard” is being marginalized…
International Schools Group, Dhahran Saudi Arabia 8/13 First time reviewed on ISR
Gulf English School Qatar 8/13 evaluation 24
Parents using local influence to find ways to keep their misbehaving children in the building… 
Bryan Nixon 8/10 (report 2)
Bavarian International School Germany
Glenelg School Abu Dhabi UAE 8/10 evaluation 16
With the backing of ADNOC this school should be THE place to work in ABU Dhabi…
Livingston American School Shanghai China 8/10 evaluation 4
Bryan Nixon 8/9 First Time Reviewed on ISR
Bavarian International School Germany
Institut International de Lancy Switzerland 8/9 First time reviewed on ISR
We were then told that because we complained our child would not be re enrolled in the school…
Bavarian International School Germany 8/9 First time reviewed on ISR
A culture of fear & intimidation. That’s why you may not have seen a review up to now. But I am fed up!…
Horizon Education Centre Myanmar 8/9 evaluation 7
It should be said that the majority of negative posts above were written by teachers who were fired…
Philip Stewart 8/8 (report 5)
Dulwich College Shanghai China
Horizon Education Centre Myanmar 8/8 evaluation 6
I was an exception,I nearly managed two years…
Newton International School Qatar 8/8 evaluation 7
The poor accommodation is given to the single men in a run down part of Doha due to safety reasons…
Al Jazeera Academy Doha Qatar 8/8 evaluation 12 
All we teachers ask is to be treated fairly and with respect…
Pip Curtis 8/7 (report 2)
Shekou International School China
Robert Evans 8/7 (report 3)
Shekou International School China
American Nicaraguan School Nicaragua 8/7 evaluation 13 
Director has employed a Dean of Discipline due to growingly chaotic atmosphere rampant with…
Al Jazeera Academy Doha Qatar 8/7 evaluation 11
Fabric of the school m8bet mobile loginis pretty good with lots of nice, new resources. Sounds pretty good so far…?
Fairview International School Malaysia 8/7 evaluation 5 
If offered an expensive workshop, beware, it may be on the condition you add another year to your contract…
Gary Odom 8/6 (report 2)
Daegu International School, South Korea
Al Raha International School UAE 8/6 evaluation 5
Behaviour is various levels of rudeness & disrespect. Kids all have maids & you are in the same category…
Northbridge International School Cambodia 8/6 evaluation 13
Kaust Schools Saudi Arabia 8/6 evaluation 6
Think twice if you have children in secondary that are highly academic/motivated. It really is mediocre at best…
Michael Chappell 8/3 (report 2)
Colombo International School Sri Lanka
Gil Bierman 8/3 First time reviewed on ISR
Danube International School Austria
Carlucci American International School Portugal 8/3 evaluation 6 
School recently went through an accreditation process but most staff were afraid to candidly speak out…
Danube International School Austria 8/3 evaluation 5
Not an International School but a Private school run by 1 Austrian person. Directors/Principals come and go…
International School Telemark Norway 8/3 First time reviewed on ISR
My time at IST was one of the best, professionally, that I have experienced…
Ruamrudee International School Thailand 8/3 evaluation 33 
Last year we hired a new assistant principal from America.who deals with misbehavior with a big smile…
Harold Fleetham 8/2 (report 4)
American School Dubai, U.A.E.
Al Khor International School Qatar 8/2 evaluation 28
It all changed when AKIS ceased to be a GEMS school…
Noblesse International School Philippines 8/2 evaluation 14
Each teacher does whatever they feel like doing. Most people if they have a book teach from the book…
Noblesse International School Philippines 8/2 evaluation 14 
Each teacher does whatever they feel like doing. Most people if they have a book teach from the book…
m8bet online sports bettingShanghai Rego International School China 8/1 evaluation 7 
Over 30 expat staff suing school in a group action as school has consistently failed to pay salaries…
Renaissance International School Vietnam 8/1 evaluation 13
‘Director’ is the school owner – there is no Board, it is a family owned FOR PROFIT business…