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New School Reviews

Hayat Universal Bilingual School 5/31 evaluation 2
Getting materials to fulfill job is quite tedious. You’ll need to deal with the gate keeper of the supply cabinet…
Cedars School (tutoring) Qatar 5/31 evaluation 7
Teachers contacted 3 weeks before start of school year, informed of 17% pay cut & end of service gratuity …
m8bet online sports bettingAnna Lin 5/31 m8bet online casino games
I-Shou International School Taiwan
St. Francis College Brazil 5/30 evaluation 4
The school premises are excellent although no resources available…
Sekolah Lentera Kasih Bali Indonesia 5/30 First time reviewed on ISR
A group of parents over the last 6 months have conducted a stealth investigation after…
New Cairo British International School Egypt 5/28 evaluation 9 
No doubt, yet again, secondary management will expend more energies trying to guess who …
Dasman Model School Kuwait 5/28 evaluation 15
m8bet sports bettingOne can’t say enough about the Special Needs programs. Students needing special care are getting just that… 
Carmel Elementary School Hong Kong 5/27 First time reviewed on ISR
Professional development is purely at the teacher’s discretion – you pay, you go…
Newton International School Qatar 5/27 evaluation 4
Extremely hot rooms that needed blinds. All about bottoms on seats. Children squashed into rooms…
m8bet sports bettingDavid Toze 5/27 (report 2)
International School Manila Philippines
m8bet online casino gamesDenise Walsh 5/27 (report 2)
Al Jazeera Academy Qatar
m8bet mobile loginDavid Serkin 5/27 First time reviewed on ISR
Carmel Elementary School Hong Kong
Tokyo YMCA International School 5/26 First time reviewed on ISR 
The secretary seems to be the most powerful person in the school. She is also the “librarian”…
Marist Brothers International School Japan 5/26 evaluation 2 
The board is a tool used by this select group of teachers…
Surabaya International School Indonesia 5/26 evaluation 3
American International School Kuwait 5/25 evaluation 52 
School & country provide wonderful work environment for the independent, strong, and adventurous…
m8bet Mobile appRuss McLean 5/25 (report 3)
American International School of Kuwait
Clifford School of Panyu China 5/24 evaluation 8
He cares more about if you show up 10 minutes m8bet online sports bettinglate or leave 10 minutes early then the students or staff…
Barry Clough 5/24 (report 6)
American International School Chennai India
Yangon International School Myanmar 5/23 evaluation 5 
Outside privileged boundaries of the school the poverty and suppression are depressing…
Fiona Hall 5/23 First time reviewed on ISR
American Pacific International School Thailand
Karen Hall 5/21 First time reviewed on ISR
QSI Dongguan China
QSI Dongguan China 5/21 evaluation 3 
I’ll lay out the positives before I jump into the damage done to me as a professional and a person…
Beijing International School (BISS) China 5/21 First time reviewed on ISR
Essentially a good school, with some excellent teachers, trapped in a poor facility…
American International School of Kingston Jamaica 5/20 evaluation 2 
New school policy is to not give anyone written references. How’s that going to work for you?…
Greg Hedger 5/20 (report 2)
Qatar Academy Doha Qatar
Qatar Academy Doha Qatar 5/20 evaluation 13
Paul Friend 5/19 First time reviewed on ISR
Dulwich College Shanghai
American International School Kuwait 5/19 evaluation 51
You might be one of the lucky few who can handle working in this kind of environment…
Rebecca Juras 5/18 First time reviewed on ISR
Vilnius International School Lithuania
International School of Monterey USA 5/17 evaluation 2 
The hardest part of working at ISM is the low pay…
Canadian International School Japan 5/17 evaluation 5
10 month contract offered m8bet Mobile appinitially with no pay for July and August even if you sign on for another year…
Cambridge English School Kuwait 5/17 evaluation 8
look after number one…
Colegio Ingles Torreon Mexico 5/16 First time reviewed on ISR
Once I was told I was “challenging the students too much.“…
Ken Rigdon 5/16 First time reviewed on ISR
Almaty International School Kazakhstan
Gulf English Schooll Qatar 5/14 evaluation 13
International School Singapore 5/14 evaluation 5
They are all about making money..
Ian Robertson 5/14
Marist Brothers International School,Kobe, Japan
Wells International School Thailand 5/13 evaluation 6
In a vague defense of the admin, their hearts are in the right place, they just don’t have the skills…
Savannah Plains International School Tanzania 5/13 First time reviewed on ISR   
American International School Jeddah Saudi Arabia 5/11 evaluation 22 
When we had a town hall meeting to get to know the new board,only the Chairman showed up! 
Ian Robertson 5/11 First time reviewed on ISR
Canadian International School Japan
Surefoot American International School Nigeria 5/10 evaluation 4 
I traveled home for the Christmas holiday & did not return, nor did the principal…
Ray De La Pena 5/10 First time reviewed on ISR
Wells International School Thailand
Anthony Baron 5/10 report 3
Luanda International School Angola  
Daegu International School Korea 5/9 evaluation 2
There are many highly qualified teachers who are committed to creating a positive and exceptional school…   
Cempaka International School Malaysia 5/9 evaluation 5
m8bet sports bettingWe were delivered to our apartment. After that, we were left wondering what we were supposed to do next…
Bruce Lindberg 5/9 report 2 
Daegu International School Korea
Luanda International School Angola 5/7 evaluation 28
LIS is potentially an excellent school but under the current administration… if you don’t like it leave…
International School of Helsinki Finland 5/7 evaluation 6
I have worked at ISH for 4 years so I know about the school and how it is to work here and to live in Finland…
Mike Pavlos 5/7 First time reviewed on ISR
Misr American College Egypt
Wells International School Thailand 5/6 evaluation 5
International school in name only…
Kuwait National English School 5/6 evaluation 10
Ningbo Zhicheng School International China 5/6 First time reviewed on ISR
It is a Chinese school with an international section so it has a full range of nationalities…
Vilnius International School Lithuania 5/5 First time reviewed on ISR 
Canadian International School Japan 5/5 evaluation 4
On the plus side you can gain experience in teaching PYP & AP at the school and enjoy living in Tokyo…
Lily Narula 5/5 (kindergarten head) First time reviewed on ISR
Wells International School Thailand
Regent International School UAE 5/4 evaluation 5 
I had the displeasure to work at this school very briefly during the 2008 – 2009 Academic year…
International School Aamby India 5/4 evaluation 6
Interesting experience m8bet online sports betting– could be great learning curve depending on previous international school experiences…
Denise Walsh 5/4 First time reviewed on ISR
Al Jazeera Academy Qatar
Guangdong Country Garden School China 5/2 First time reviewed on ISR
School is an IB World School with a lot of potential to become an excellent school…  
Excelsior International School Singapore 5/2 evaluatiion 3