November Additions To ISR

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New School Reviews

Colegios Peterson Mexico 11/28 m8bet online casino games
Acacia International School Malawi 11/28 First time reviewed on ISR 
St. Andrews International School Sukhumvit 71 Thailand 11/27 evaluation 3 
After reading the last review I felt I needed to redress the balance back to positive…
Hong Kong Academy Hong Kong 11/27 evaluation 11 
I am the current Admissions Manager. I want to address a couple of points in review-9…
m8bet online sports bettingSascha Heckmam 11/26 (report 10)
Shanghai American School China
m8bet sports bettingFrancis Renson 11/26 (report 2)
Hay Al Sharooq International School Oman
American Baccalaureate School Kuwait 11/26 evaluation 18
Nothing provided for teachers at all. School expects you to purchase everything from your own pocket…
Seisen International School Japan 11/26 evaluation 5 
Upside is you’re greeted by 20 of the most gracious, kind & hard-working students you’ll ever encounter…
Fudan International School China 11/26 evaluation 2
The school needs a major overhaul if it is going to continue on the international circuit…
Al Danah Universal School Kuwait 11/26 First time reviewed on ISR  
m8bet online casino gamesShaun Hudson 11/25 (report 2)
Utahloy International School Zengcheng
m8bet mobile loginMichael Wylie 11/25 (report 2)
Utahloy International School Zengcheng
Saint Andrew’s International High School Malawi 11/25 evaluation 6 
If you’re not worried about saving money, the cost of living, or living in a self-inflicted prison…
American School Bombay India 11/25 evaluation 8
Great school, terrible housing location. Please ask what the situation is before you sign. Many wish they did!…
International School Dakar Senegal 11/25 evaluation 11 
This has been called m8bet online sports bettinga gem of a school, and it is. If you think you are a good fit, then go for it’d..
Prishtina High School Kosovo 11/25 First time reviewed on ISR
American International School Cyprus 11/25 evaluation 7 
Family friendly country but cost of living is very high and you can never manage to save anything…
Beanstalk International Bilingual School China 11/24 evaluation 9 
Many teachers tutor after school and get paid 60-70 US an hour. This goes a far to increasing your salary…
International School Turin Italy 11/24 evaluation 20
Situated in a beautiful part of Italy, in rolling countryside just outside the small town of Chieri…
Modern English School Egypt 11/24 evaluation 18
Couples can make substantial savings, plenty of social opportunities if you’re young, Cairo is never boring…
Gulf English School Kuwait 11/24 evaluation 30
Is the previous reviewer working in the same school as me?
Glenelg School Abu Dhabi UAE 11/21 evaluation 27
From what I have seen, policies, directives, rules- you name it- are made up as situation arise…
Hong Kong Academy Hong Kong 11/21 evaluation 10 
It is a shame a couple of teachers no longer employed here have chosen this forum to air their grievances…
El Gouna International School Egypt 11/20 evaluation 8 
Three Heads in 2 years!The last Head suddenly left in October 2014. No period of notice given just left…
Seisen International School Japan 11/20 evaluation 4 
Great school to be part of as it movesforward….
Utahloy International School Zeng Cheng China 11/20 evaluation 9 
I have no regrets about coming to this school. In the balance, it has been a great experience…
Marymount International School Paris France 11/19 First time reviewed on ISR
Colegio Bolivar Colombia 11/19 evaluation 5
Friendly staff, loving students, involved parents, competent/supportive admin, gorgeous campus…
Escola Americana de Campinas Brazil 11/19 evaluation 4
If you are in upper school expect a lot of preps and to share a classroom/teach in multiple classrooms…
Victoria Shanghai Academy Hong Kong 11/18 evaluation 3 
Professional development is good, with plenty of opportunities for staff…
m8bet sports bettingIshan Dogrimaci Bilkent College Iraq 11/18 evaluation 6 
I am shocked by the recent poster who has only been at Bilkent since August saying it was paradise…
Stonehill International school India 11/18 evaluation 3 
Incredibly long days, massive workload and unrealistic expectations…
International British School Alexandria Egypt 11/17 evaluation 10 
Contract stated work permit would be included. Never got it…
Sheffield Private School UAE 11/17 evaluation 5
I worked at the school for two years and had a mixed experience….
Canadian International School Egypt 11/17 evaluation 8 
Yes there will always be problems. But these are ALL simple problems that could be avoided…
Gunma Kokusai Academy Japan 11/17 evaluation 9 
People love unity and peace. They are polite and smile at you…
Hong Kong Academy Hong Kong 11/17 evaluation 9
Everyone not on the Leadership team is a functionary, a worker bee…
Cheongna Dalton School Korea 11/17 evaluation 7
I love the kids! They are respectful and hard working! Very different from schools I’ve taught at in the US!!..
Maple Leaf International School Trinidad 11/17 evaluation 3 
Administration supportive & contract is fair. The school community is very supportive & respectful of teachers…
Modern English School Egypt 11/14 evaluation 17
Good place for younger teachers who have some experience with more difficult students…
American School Kuwait 11/14 evaluation 39
Overseas schools have unique challenges, but being unhappy with school/admin, housing, AND country…
Guangzhou Nanhu International School China 11/14 evaluation 9 
School moved to a country side area…
Al Yasmina School Abu Dhabi UAE 11/14 evaluation 8 
One thing you HAVE to know is that your salary is POOR in comparison to others in the city/country…
GEMS World Academy Dubai UAE 11/14 evaluation 4 
There are big positives that come with this school, but also negatives…
m8bet Mobile appTimothy Casey 11/13 First time reviewed on ISR
American International School Conakry
American International School Conakry Guinea Africa 11/13 First time reviewed on ISR
International Community m8bet mobile loginSchool Addis Ababa Ethiopia 11/13 evaluation 11 
We took ICS’s generous shipping allowance and brought in a car and household goods…
Mike Hooley 11/12 First time reviewed on ISR
British School of Egypt
Selah Sprinkel 11/12 First time reviewed on ISR
American Academy in Al Mizhar UAE
Delice Scotto 11/12 (report 3)
American Academy in Al Mizhar UAE
Maggie Wright 11/12 First time reviewed on ISR
American Academy in Al Mizhar UAE
Greengates School Mexico City 11/12 evaluation 8
Here are some, but not all, things teachers should be aware of & consider before applying to work here
Al Mizhar American Academy UAE 11/12 evaluation 19
Prep times taken by meetings with division heads, literacy coaches, learning support teachers and anyone else who…
International School Turin Italy 11/11 evaluation 19
Bottom line is that for a year to sample the delightful city of Turin you won’t go too far wrong…
Markham College Peru 11/11 First time reviewed on ISR  
Richard Parker 11/10  First time reviewed on ISR
Victoria Shanghai Academy
Andy Kai Fong 11/10 (report 3)
Discovery College Hong Kong
Patricia Short 11/10 (report 2)
Pan American School Bahia in Salvador
Discovery College Hong Kong 11/10 evaluation 5
My personal experiences lead me to say that this has been the most miserable experience of my career…
Bromsgrove International School Thailand 11/10 evaluation 18
I assume the writer no longer works here as such a claim could be construed as gross misconduct…
Casablanca American School Morocco 11/10 evaluation 41 
Good place for young and talented teachers who want to gain IB experience…
Brian Mathews 11/7 (report 18)
American International School Riyadh
Tom Leonas 11/7 First time reviewed on ISR
American International School Riyadh
Jenny Canar 11/7 (report 2)
American International School Riyadh
Gillian Flaxman 11/7 First time reviewed on ISR
British Council School of Madrid
Norman Roddom 11/7 (report 2)
British Council School of Madrid
Afaf El-Gemayel 11/7 (report 4)
AlGhanim Bilingual School kuwait
Afaf El-Gemayel 11/7 (report 3)
AlGhanim Bilingual School kuwait
Michael Mulridge 11/7 First time reviewed on ISR
AlGhanim Bilingual School kuwait
Al-Ghanim Bilingual School Salwa Kuwait 11/7 evaluation 5 
AlGhanim has recently completed the self-study process and been awarded accreditation by CIS…
Matrix International School Malaysia 11/7 First time reviewed on ISR
American International School Riyadh Saudi Arabia 11/5 evaluation 34 
Similar to living in a fishbowl…
m8bet online sports bettingAmerican School Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 11/7 evaluation 15 
I found the entire experience to be a fiasco…
Beijing Huijia Private School China 11/7 evaluation 4
The only requirement is that you have a BA, and then they will throw you into any hole they need to fill…
Mercedes Benz International School India 11/6 evaluation 6
I felt I was stagnating professionally and personally and had become invisible. I’m happy I left.
Colegio Internacional de Carabobo Venezuela 11/6 evaluation 7 
Tough place to live. Not much to do that is readily available, or that is safe and easy to travel to… 
Al Ittihad Jumeirah UAE 11/6 First time reviewed on ISR 
Heritage International School Egypt 11/6 evaluation 4 
After 10 years still doesn’t have a proper gym, pool etc. Most classes don’t have smart boards…
Al Khor International School 11/6 evaluation 52
Take a look at where you are for heaven’s sake. Open your eyes to the culture you’ve VOLUNTARILY…
Jonathan Pitt 11/5 First time reviewed on ISR
British Council School of Madrid
Doug Prescott 11/5 First time reviewed on ISR
 Canadian International School Beijing China
Mt. Zaagkam International School Indonesia 11/5 evaluation 6 
We are in one of the most remote spots in the world. It’s like living in a National Geographic film…
Surabaya International School Indonesia 11/5 evaluation 6 
Exciting & invigorating place to work as positive atmosphere & focus on academic integrity continue…
Canadian International School Beijing China 11/4 evaluation 3 
The teacher residence is old & dirty. It is loud & school decides when they turn your heat on & your AC off…
Korea International School Jeju Campus 11/4 evaluation 10 
Facilities are great & continue to grow. I found division heads invested in the school & student out comes…
TEDA International School China 11/4 evaluation 24
Operates in many ways as a private school (20K US tuition) but it’s an extension of a Chinese public school…
Al-Bayan Bilingual School Kuwait 11/4 evaluation 20
Not recommend for teachers right out of university or older teachers. The m8bet online sports bettingkids are a lot to handle…
Seoul International School Korea 11/4 evaluation 31
The school is very academic and, as many other posters have said, the students are particularly nice…
Paul Sheppard 11/3 (report 5)
Al-Bayan Bilingual School Kuwait
Steven Geraghty 11/3 (report 2)
International School of Brunei
American School Kuwait 11/3 evaluation 38
Ugly, dirty, ghetto-like area. Constant & unending construction right outside your window all day AND night…
British International School New York United States 11/3 evaluation 2 
This school has come a VERY long way since opening. Really amazing working environment…
Gulf English School Kuwait 11/3 evaluation 29
If you’re considering this school…look out the window & at your pay check. It is sunny and there is no tax….
Bromsgrove International School Thailand 11/3 evaluation 17 
Very polarised opinions regarding Bromsgrove…
Al-Ghanim Bilingual School Salwa Kuwait 11/3 evaluation 5 
AlGhanim has recently completed the self-study process and been awarded accreditation by CIS…