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Please read this statement in its entirety

Girl reviewing a school with pen and paper in hand and smiling

ISR is a third party venue and as such, teachers, school directors, principals, board members, parents and other interested parties m8bet online sports bettingmay post reviews to the ISR web site.

While reading reviews of schools we suggest you note each author’s voice and determine who it is that is speaking to you. m8bet Mobile app promoting themselves and/or their school may possess a very different voice than a review written by a teacher relaying pertinent information to the international teaching community. As well, a teacher who has submitted more than one review of a particular school can be recognized by the similarity between writing styles and their unmistakable voice.

A series of outstanding reviews posted for a specific school over a short period of time may be a school director organizing his/her supporters to post to the web site, particularly around recruiting time. When ISR receives such a series we display the post date of the reviews so you have the information you need to make an informed decision.

An ISR Member Comments: “I believe most of the reviews (on the ISR web site) are objective and honest, but a few of them that are overly positive may be coming from disingenuous administrators or school owners trying to compensate for some of the negative feedback teachers have given. If these directors only worried about why so many people were leaving their schools and addressed the problems, rather than blaming others, they might actually begin to solve some problems and improve their schools in the process.”

As you read reviews on the ISR web site, keep in mind that all the reviews are received from anonymous authors. As a public bulletin board, ISR posts all reviews. Therefore, paying attention to the voice of each author can help you determine of what value the information in a particular review may be to you. We always m8bet online sports bettingrecommend additional research.