Dear Dr. Spilchuk…

August, 2009

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I was hired to work at m8bet Mobile appan international school (name of the school I will not mention) and after just a short time I became very unhappy with my choice, mostly due to misleading information about my job, location and taxes. I would like to tell you about this m8bet mobile loginand my decision to leave early and ask you a question.

During the job fair I asked many questions and upon arrival at the school I found the answers to the questions were not forthright or honest. I was disappointed to find changes to my work load and tax responsibility. Soon into the school year pressing personal responsibilities back home were developing and this along with fact the school had misrepresented itself prompted me to depart early.

My question then is this: In the future, not the next school year, but the school year after that or the next, are my chances of finding m8bet Mobile appan international school jeopardized? I know it’s the chance you take when you break a contract, but I was incredibly unhappy at this scholl due to the reasons above and my father was sick…I guess it would be worth the chance to most people. It may not make any difference to them, but I didn’t leave right away because that would have left them high and dry, and I couldn’t do that to them or the kids…it would have been unethical in my view.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my email. I am anxious to hear your thoughts. Thank you.



Hello GM,

It appears to me that the school was not completely honest with you in their representation of the situation. First, I cannot understand why they would indicate that you would pay a particular tax when in fact more would be due. It is better for a school to be up front about the tax situation. Second, the scheduling of different classes then what you were hire for would also be very off-putting. When family situation call, it is best to listen to that inner voice.

I have many questions that complicate my response. How long have you been there? Second, did you given the school notice m8bet Mobile appwhen you broke contract, or did you simply book a flight back to your home country and leave with no warning? Third, did you pay any outstanding tax before leaving? Fourth, were you hired by a recruitment agency like ISS or Search or did you find this job through Tie-Online or at a different on-line venue that did not charge you recruitment and tracking fees? All of these issues will complicate your ability to get another job next year. For example, if you were not hired through an agency, there likely will not be a formal tracking of your contract breaking. However, if you neglected m8bet Mobile appto pay your taxes, there may be criminal charges against you in the country you left. This situation alone would be worth resolving as certainly you would not be able to travel there again for work.

My suggestion to you is that whether or not you are unencumbered by these issues, you need to ensure that your personal life is in order before you consider international work again. Your personal issues may be serious enough reason for you to consider staying in your home country. Issues that you might be able to live with on a day to day basis always become more serious from a distance. Why not decide to stay m8bet online casino gameswith your home rather than work overseas next year? You may have other chances to travel further down the road. From my own experience, when your heart lies on land, you cannot let go of the shore in order to search over the horizon.

All the best