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Meet Dr. Spilchuk…

Online Teacher Consultant

Dr. Barbara Spilchuk offers assistance, advice and advocacy for international teachers caught in difficult situations abroad. She can be contacted through the link at the bottom of this page. She invites teachers who need assistance to contact her. She would also appreciate hearing from teachers who already have navigated through difficult International teaching situations so that she can continue to learn in order to help others who request her assistance.

Dr. Spilchuk has taught at a Canadian University in the areas of “Teaching, Ethics and the Law”, Classroom Management Practices and Language Learning. Dr. Spilchuk has been a teacher, principal and director both abroad and in Canada. She also does contract work in ESL/EFL and in other curriculum m8bet sports bettingareas for educational institutions both in Canada and abroad through her business, EMP Consulting. For more about Dr. Spilchuk please search Barbara Spilchuk on Google or Yahoo.

Disclaimer: As with any service, the results of your contact with Dr. Spilchuk may vary for a variety of reasons. When you contact and engage the services of Dr. Spilchuk you therefore agree to accept full responsibility for your decision to contact her, and for any and all results of that contact and her advice. You also agree that ISR Inc. may post your letter on m8bet online sports bettingInternational Schools Review with names, dates, schools and all identifying data changed to protect your identity – unless you tell us differently in advance of posting. In the case that you incur any damage, real or perceived, as a result of the posting of your letter, you agree to hold Dr. Spilchuk and International Schools Review.com harmless.

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A Case of Docked Pay

m8bet online sports bettingWaiting to Hear Back from Schools

A Story of Deportation – Working as a Local-Hire in Kuwait Without a Work Visa

Crisis at m8bet online sports bettingInternational School Lusaka, Zambia

m8bet mobile login The letters from Neil Sookoo (school director) to Dr. Spilchuk that comprised the April, 2013 column have been removed. Mr. Sookoo erroneously claimed to have collected money from Guangzhou Nanhu International School through third-party mediation in China. In fact, there was no settlement and the school did not pay any funds to this individual. Mr. Sookoo did, however, pay funds to the school for what he terms “payment for the medical insurance policy,” while the school classifies his payment as a penalty for early termination of contract. ISR regrets this error.

Is Teaching Abroad Right for Me as a New Teacher?

June 2007
Detained in Kuwait
Katherine Phillips had been barred from leaving Kuwait by a powerful parent who put a retaliatory travel ban on her. (members only)

August 2007
School Breaks Verbal Promise. Teacher Loses Job (members only)

September 2007
Unfairly Fired in Mexico City
Ann Infante, school counselor, barred from school & office by school administration. (members only)