Dear Dr. Spilchuk…

June, 2012

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I am m8bet online casino gamescurrently working on my MA in Ed in the United States. I have been a teacher for years at an urban charter school and I have loved every minute of it (for the most part). I have taught a range of subjects but most recently have worked as an 8th grade science teacher. After I earn my MA, my m8bet sports bettinghusband and I would like to travel abroad and I would like to teach at an international school.

I am still two years out from finishing my MA but I would like to know what else I can do to become more competitive. After reading several blogs I understand that many people have very m8bet Mobile apppositive experiences, but there are, as with anything, difficulties and challenges for people considering a career in international education. My current school is very supportive and encouraging in terms of professional development. Can you recommend what additional steps m8bet mobile loginI can take to prepare?

Thank you so much for your time.

Got the Travel Bug

Hello Got the Travel Bug,

Might I suggest that you take a TESOL ESL certificate? Any form of ESL training goes a long way to making you a more desirable international education candidate. You might also think about m8bet Mobile appdoing some volunteer work in one of the areas of your community with newly immigrated Americans who need assistance learning English or do some part time ESL teaching on the weekends. Again, ESL experience and training make you a prime candidate.

Good luck!