August Additions To ISR

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New School Reviews

m8bet sports bettingDavid Tigchelar 8/31 (report 4)
Ihsan Dogrimaci Bilkent Erbil College
m8bet online sports bettingLarry Molacek 8/31 (report 14)
Surabaya Intercultural School Indonesia
Khartoum International Community School Sudan 8/31 evaluation 15
Follow the lead from almost 40 expat teacher who have left in the last two years…
Canadian International School Kunshan China 8/31 evaluation 7 
The reviews above are a bit too harsh in delivery but are an accurate depiction of current school management…
m8bet sports bettingOle Bernard Sealey 8/28 First time reviewed on ISR
Greenfield Community School Dubai
Canadian International School Kunshan China 8/28 evaluation 6 
See how blatantly and shamelessly the school leaders misrepresent the school…
Abraham Lincoln School Dominican Republic 8/28 evaluation 2 
Loved it at the school. You just need to get out of the ‘bubble’ where staff are housed & experience the island…
Albanian College Durres Albania 8/27 evaluation 3
m8bet sports bettingMy experience thus far has been that those who left should thank their lucky stars…
ISM International Academy Ecuador 8/27 First time reviewed on ISR
m8bet online casino gamesScott Legan 8/26 (report 2)
Kyiv International School Ukraine
Vientiane International School Laos 8/26 evaluation 10
On the whole the school tries very much to walk the walk as well as talk the talk…
Canadian International School Kunshan China 8/25 evaluation 5 
I regret not being aware of this web site until it was too late…
Cambridge International Centre DaQing No. 1, 8/25 evaluation 5 
I have used the term escaped (a permanent sudden leave!) to differentiate it from a formal resignation…
m8bet mobile loginMichael Parry 8/24 First time reviewed on ISR
British International School Jeddah Saudi Arabia
m8bet Mobile appLoa Midford 8/24 (report 2)
American School (Colegio Americano) Guatemala
American School (Colegio Americano) Guatemala 8/24 evaluation 18 
If you’re up for an adventure & don’t mind living & teaching in bubbles, this may be the place for you…
British School Guangzhou China 8/24 evaluation 14
I find this very suspicious as I know all of the staff that left at the end of the 2015 academic year…
American School Bilbao Spain 8/24 evaluation 4
The lifestyle in the Pais Vasco offers everything to everyone. Faculty & staff at the school is welcoming & …
m8bet Mobile appEnglish Playgroup & Primary School 8/24 evaluation 7
He/she is largely speaking the truth it is just lots of teachers are too scared to speak up or just aren’t bothered…
Nanshan Chinese International College 8/21 First time reviewed on ISR  
British School Guangzhou China 8/21 evaluation 13
The school would probably be the best international school you’ll find there… 
British International School Jeddah Saudi Arabia 8/20 evaluation 4
I have often utilized ISR when comparing schools and trying to make decisions about employment offers…
English School Mongolia 8/20 First time reviewed on ISR  
Mark McCallum 8/19 (report 8)
Chatsworth International School Singapore
Andy O’Hara 8/19 First time reviewed on ISR 
American International School Guangzhou China
Orchlon International School Mongolia 8/19 evaluation 2
Academic Integrity: My marks were respected. I Couldn’t give more than five “F”s, about 1/5 the class…
British School Guangzhou China 8/19 evaluation 12
Many staff were VERY over charged for aircon and other utilities even when they hadn’t been used at all…   
GEMS American Academy Qatar 8/19 First time reviewed on ISR
Justin Smith 8/18 First time reviewed on ISR
American Community School Beirut
British School Guangzhou China 8/18 evaluation 11
I waited to post so as m8bet online casino gamesto ensure I posted with sound mind and not clouded with my emotions at the time…
Bandung Independent School Indonesia 8/18 (previously Bandung International) First time reviewed on ISR
Andy Dailey 8/17  (report 2)
Albanian College Durres Albania 8/11
GEMS World Academy Singapore 8/17 First time reviewed on ISR
Guangzhou Nanhu International School China 8/17 evaluation 11 
We have a new administrative team that makes me really excited as for the first time in my 4 years…
Maple Leaf School Tianjin China 8/14 First time reviewed on ISR 
Dukhan English School Doha Qatar 8/14 evaluation 5
In April nearly 30 staff were told their contracts would not be renewed. There were rumours of a ‘hit list’ …
United World College Costa Rica 8/13 First time reviewed on ISR
Pnaizah Female College Saudi Arabia 8/13 First time reviewed on ISR
UCSI International School Malaysia 8/13 evaluation 7 
There are better bad places to work…
Gulf English School Kuwait 8/13 evaluation 34
Would I go back? Not on the salaries the school is currently offering which, to say the least, is insulting…
Beijing International Bilingual Academy China 8/13 evaluation 14 
Told I should not be purchasing class materials because I buy expensive stuff. I spent less than the budget…
Han Al American School Guatemala 8/12 evaluation 2 
m8bet mobile loginI was shown a contract and promised we would sign it when I arrived in country, but this never happened…
Steve Charbonneau 8/11 First time reviewed on ISR
American School of Kinshasa D.R. Congo
Almaty International School Kazakhstan 8/11 evaluation 9
The overall feeling I have after leaving is gratefulness
Access International Academy Ningbo China 8/11 evaluation 30 
This will be a year that I will never get back…
Bedriyah Itani 8/10 (report 5)
Qatar Academy Al Wakra Qatar
Global Jaya School Indonesia 8/10 First time reviewed on ISR 
Nanjing Foreign Language School China 8/10 evaluation 2 
School admin is highly professional. The facility modern, well maintained…
Scott Legan 8/7 (report 2)
Kiev International School Ukraine
Han Al American School Guatemala 8/7 First time reviewed on ISR 
International Christian School Pyeongtaek Korea 8/7
First time reviewed on ISR 
Greengates School Mexico City 8/6 evaluation 15
In addition to what has been mentioned in previous posts about the school and its administration…
Internationale Schule am Rhein (ISR) 8/6 evaluation 5 
After much hope of having the school better managed…
Country Day School Costa Rica 8/6 evaluation 6
CDS seemed like a wonderful choice at the time I was hired, and for a while it was…
  Amal Nazer 8/5 First time reviewed on ISR
m8bet online casino gamesAdvance Generations Schools Jeddah Saudia Arabia
Canadian International School Egypt 8/5 evaluation 9
The school needs to stop blaming and saying things like “this is Egypt” or “Welcome to Egypt”…  
Caroline Taylor 8/4 First time reviewed on ISR
Dulwich College Shanghai China
Noblesse International School Philippines 8/4 evaluation 18 
School & board very uptight about reviews since they consider their reputation of the utmost importance…
Dubai International Academy UAE 8/4 evaluation 7
I had three great years at DIA…
David Cole 8/3 (report 3)
Renaissance International School Vietnam
International School Brno Czech Republic 8/3
First time reviewed on ISR