September Additions To ISR

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New School Reviews

m8bet online sports bettingDavid Cole 10/1 (report 4)
Renaissance International School Vietnam
Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau, Hong Kong 10/1 First time reviewed on ISR
Xi’an Hi-Tech International School China 10/1 evaluation 7 
Xi’an is a dusty, dirty, polluted second-tier city. If you want an authentic Chinese experience, you’ll get it…
m8bet online sports bettingLinda Azmy 9/30 First time reviewed on ISR
Smart Village International School Egypt
International Christian School Hong Kong 9/30 evaluation 3 
Moving away from being an international school to becoming more like a local school. Board has the control…
Hong Qiao International School China 9/30 evaluation 5 
Worst international school I have worked at but you can get a magnificent massage for a reasonable price…
Ibn Khuldoon National Sch. Bahrain 9/30 evaluation 8 
Kids can ruin your career, they have all the control. They say a few negative things and it’ll get blown up…
m8bet sports bettingTodd, John 9/29 First time reviewed on ISR
Dulwich College Suzhou China
m8bet online casino games  Andy O’Hara 9/29 (report 2)
American International School Guangzhou China
Dulwich College Suzhou China 9/29 evaluation 3
This is most definitely ‘for profit’ school/company and so image is very important and so the admin will…
m8bet online sports bettingChangchun American International School China 9/29 evaluation 9
The only thing “American” about this school is the name…
m8bet mobile loginTimothy Casey 9/28 (report 2)
American International School Conakry Guinea
International School London Qatar 9/28 evaluation 15
The school is pretty well resourced and most departments get what we need…
Greengates School Mexico 9/28 evaluation 16 
A number of new schools are appearing in the city that will challenge Greengates in the near future…
Wuxi Taihu International School China 9/28 First time reviewed on ISR 
m8bet Mobile appJorge Nelson 9/25 (report 2)
North Jakarta International School Indonesia
Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main Germany 9/25 evaluation 6
ISF is a thoroughly reasonable place to work…
Kevin Baker 9/24 (report 3)
Busan International Foreign School Korea
Andreas Koini 9/24 First time reviewed on ISR 
Antwerp International School Belgium
Vinny Sant-Wade 9/23 First time reviewed on ISR 
Antwerp International School Belgium
Kirk Shaw 9/23 First time reviewed on ISR
Xian Hi-Tech International School China
SMIC Private School Shanghai China 9/22 evaluation 7 
Overall, the school is transitioning into a much better school than it currently is…
Metropolitan International School Germany 9/22 evaluation 5
The teacher turnover is very high. Mid-year dismissals are frequent…
Nova International School Macedonia 9/21 First time reviewed on ISR
Anglo-American School St. Petersburg Russia 9/21 evaluation 3 
Would I recommend the school and city? yes, but you need to have your eyes wide open…
Sultan’s School Oman 9/18 evaluation 7
It is very unfortunate to read such harsh comments about the Sultan’s school…
American College Sofia Bulgaria 9/18 evaluation 8 
Most teachers sign-up for additional years beyond their first two-years…
Antwerp International School Belgium 9/18 evaluation 13
m8bet online casino gamesThe school used to be a gem of a school, but recent changes…..
Jon Zurfluh 9/17 (report 3)
Anglo-American School Moscow
Brandon Rogers 9/17  First time reviewed on ISR
Colegio Americano de Torreon Mexico
APU International School Vietnam 9/17 First time reviewed on ISR  
Instituto San Roberto Monterrey Mexico 9/17 evaluation 4 
I worked two years here and came away with nothing more than a better resume…
American School Torreon Mexico 9/17 evaluation 19
I worked at CAT for two years and overall it was a good experience. CAT is not a true international school…
Catherine Spencer 9/16 First time reviewed on ISR 
Modern English School Egypt
Ray Johnson 9/16 (report 2)
Yongsan International School Seoul Korea
GEMS Wellington International School UAE 9/16 First time reviewed on ISR 
Modern English School, Egypt 9/16 evaluation 19
If you can handle authoritarian teaching, unsupportive admin, enjoy teaching 30 ESL students in one class…
Kevin Baker 9/15 (report 2)
Busan International Foreign School Korea
 Walther Hetzer 9/15 (report 2)
American International School West, Egypt
American International School West, Egypt 9/15 evaluation 8 
The school has no housing for teachers and they are left to the mercy of unscrupulous real estate agents…
Canadian International School Kunshan China 9/15 evaluation 10 
Believe me our principals have our best interests at heart …
British International School Phuket Thailand 9/15 evaluation 12 
A very good school that I am happy to recommend to other teachers…
Mark Cowe 9/14 First time reviewed on ISR 
K. International School of Tokyo Japan
Bill O’Hearn 9/14 First time reviewed on ISR 
Beijing City International School China
Makhlouf Ouyed 9/14 (report 3)
Colegio Americano de Torreon Mexico
Nord Anglia International School Shanghai, Pudong China 9/14 evaluation 8 
Previously British Internat’l School
They interviewed me for m8bet sports bettinga specific role, but gave me a completely different one when I arrived in August….
Yongsan International School Seoul Korea 9/14 evaluation 4
Interesting the school emphasizes differentiation for students yet disregards that teachers are different too.
Gems Academy Alexandria Egypt 9/14 evaluation 3
No support in getting back to home…
British School Guangzhou China 9/14 evaluation 15
The group formed a grievance against the school with led to them agreeing to paying…
Liceo Ingles Colombia 9/14 evaluation 8
The school has allowed the parents and subsequently the students to be very entitled. So much so that when…
Al Raha International School Abu Dhabi UAE 9/14 evaluation 9 
Overall, I feel engaged with my work and well-supported by my colleagues and administrators….
Kiettisack International Schools Laos 9/11 evaluation 2 
Students & families very respectful, appreciative & it was truly a heart warming experience to work there….
Dulwich College Zhuhai China 9/11 First time reviewed on ISR
British International School Phuket Thailand 9/11 evaluation 11 
One of the best schools in the international scene! I’m very lucky to be part of it. You’d be very lucky…
Albanian College Durres Albania 9/11 evaluation 4
There is a sense that we are all working for a bigger vision to bring quality education to Albania…
Gyeongnam International Foreign School Korea 9/11 evaluation 11 
The bus schedule runs the school. Sports, clubs, everything is limited by when the bus must go…
Canadian International School Egypt 9/10 evaluation 10 
So, you are thinking of working at CISE eh? WHY? I assume its because you have…
BO AI International High School Programme Xi’an China 9/10 evaluation 3 
If you want to find out what the school is REALLY m8bet mobile loginlike, ask to speak to a teacher who…
Kaust School at King Abdullah University Saudi Arabia 9/10 evaluation 12 
When asked about the KAUST policy in light of terrorist threats…
Lorne Bird 9/9 First time reviewed on ISR
American International School Bucharest Romania
Daniel Centeno 9/9 First time reviewed on ISR
Oxford International College Chengdu China
St. Christopher’s School Bahrain 9/9 evaluation 5
This could be a great school. The problem is it is managed or should I say ruled by…
Sultan’s School Oman 9/9 evaluation 6
We feel we have been sold up the river…
Bryan Ashby 9/8  (report 4)
International Programs School Saudi Arabia
Erin Smith 9/8 (report 4)
Nakorn Payap International School Thailand
British International School Shanghai China 9/8 evaluation 7 
I have witnessed bullying, homophobia & racism by members of the Senior/Junior Management Team(s)…
Guangzhou Nanhu International School China 9/4 evaluation 12 
This year we are revising policies. Children are our main focus & not the desires ambitions of teachers…
Bill Parent 9/4 (report 2)
Sino Canada High School China
Hal Cooke 9/4 (report 2)
Yanbu International School Saudi Arabia
Guangzhou Nanhu International School China 9/4 evaluation 12 
This year we are revising said policies. Children are our main focus & not the desires ambitions of teachers…
Lahore American School Pakistan 9/3 evaluation 5
Don’t believe everything you see on CNN. People in Lahore are very friendly & have a big smile…
Xi’an Jiao Tong Affiliated School China 9/3 First time reviewed on ISR  
Kevin Baker 9/2 First time reviewed on ISR 
Busan International Foreign School Korea
Canadian International School Kunshan China 9/2 evaluation 9 
I believe the school staff, both Chinese & Foreign have a good idea who wrote the last flowery review…
MC School Dominican Republic 9/2 evaluation 2
The school is NOT international, and you will teach ALL Dominicans. Anyone of any power is Dominican…
m8bet Mobile appSeisen International School Japan 9/2 evaluation 14
The new head has energized the school…
Metropolitan International School Germany 9/2 evaluation 4 
Before I came, there had been a steady rotation of teachers and this continued after I left…
Canadian International School Kunshan China 9/1 evaluation 8 
Admin said if we were as unhappy as the ISR review reflected, we could be released from contract…
Shanghai Community International School China 9/1 evaluation 29 
I was offered to renew my contract for 2014-2015 but I chose not to stay…