February Additions To ISR

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New School Reviews

Canadian Bilingual School Kuwait 2/29 evaluation 4 
The school is a work in progress but different, in a positive way, from previous reviews…
Bilkent Laboratory & International School Turkey 2/29 evaluation 22
The school’s pay and benefits are adequate and one can live well on the salary…
Colegio de Ingleterra – English School Colombia 2/29 evaluation 12 
There are so many issues right now with the school and expats it’s hard to go into them all…
Saudi Aramco Schools Saudi Arabia 2/29 evaluation 4 
The company does not honor the International Teacher Bill of Rights in any way…
m8bet Mobile appKristina Nefstead 2/26 (report 7)
International School Egypt
m8bet online sports bettingJennifer Burns 2/26 (report 2)
Access International Academy Ningbo China
International School Egypt 2/26 First time reviewed on ISR 
Lawrence S. Ting School Vietnam 2/26 First time reviewed on ISR 
Miras Astana International School Kazakhstan 2/26 evaluation 2 
Teaching here isn’t for everyone, however, there are many aspects that make this a worthwhile move…
m8bet sports bettingEJ Johnson 2/25 First time reviewed on ISR 
International Community School Addis Ababa Ethiopia
m8bet online casino gamesNaomi Pawlik 2/25 (report 2)
m8bet online sports bettingAlbanian College Durres Albania
American School Torreon Mexico 2/25 evaluation 23 
I broke my contract and left because I had such a bad experience…
Gyeongnam International Foreign School Korea 2/25 evaluation 14
GIFS has come a long way in the last 3 years…
m8bet mobile loginGretchen DePoint 2/24 First time reviewed on ISR 
Ruamrudee Internat’l School Bangkok Thailand
International School Myanmar 2/24 evaluation 25 
The strong dollar has made it possible to live really well and save money…
Universal American School UAE 2/24 evaluation 17 
New admin in all levels of the school are making changes that are taking UAS back to 2009…
British School Alexandria Egypt 2/24 evaluation 6 
Under new management, this is a far more pleasant place to work…
International Community School Bangkok Thailand 2/23 evaluation 6 
Other than the poor administration, the school itself and the students are great…
American Creativity Academy Kuwait 2/23 evaluation 32 
I would not want to go back to Kuwait to teach, but I enjoyed my time there…
King George V School Hong Kong 2/23 evaluation 2
The school resources (physical, digital and teaching) are very good…
m8bet Mobile appSamantha Newbon 2/22 First time reviewed on ISR
Garden International School Malaysia
U-Link College China 2/22 First time reviewed on ISR 
Beijing National Day School China 2/22 evaluation 4 
There are 9 internat’l teachers who have been here from program inception & continue to stay on…
American International School West Campus Egypt 2/22 evaluation 10 
An educator interested in student learning and support from admin should seek an alternative venue…
Mark Bedford 2/19 (report 2)
m8bet online casino gamesRasami British International School Thailand
Lonati Anglo American School Italy 2/19 First time reviewed on ISR 
Shanghai United International School China 2/19 evaluation 6 
The campus itself looks impressive until you inspect it…
m8bet online casino gamesRasami British International School Thailand 2/19 evaluation 4
The school is very friendly and I find the resourcing fine to enable me to do my job effectively…
Cambridge International Curriculum Centre Beijing China 2/18 First time reviewed on ISR 
World Academy Tirana Albania 2/18 First time reviewed on ISR 
Andy Dailey 2/17 (report 4)
m8bet online sports bettingAlbanian College Durres Albania
m8bet online sports bettingAlbanian College Durres Albania 2/17 evaluation 10 
Huge problems still remain, and one of the few constants in the organization is the Director…
Canadian International School Bangladesh 2/17 First time reviewed on ISR 
Naomi Pawlik 2/16 First time reviewed on ISR
m8bet online sports bettingAlbanian College Durres Albania
Emirates National School, Al Ain UAE 2/16 evaluation 16
Students have the run of the school with teachers unable to give detention or instill any class discipline…
International Programs School Saudi Arabia 2/15 evaluation 5 
Resources are limited, hours are longer than what the labor law dictate…
British School in Baku Azerbaijan 2/15 evaluation 13
It is simply an appalling school to work for…
Oxford International College China 2/15 evaluation 4
This is a really great school, growing rapidly…
Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Kazakstan 2/15 evaluation 22 
At the time of writing, current staff salaries have not been paid…
Majorie Carroll 2/12 First time reviewed on ISR
Gyeongnam International Foreign School Korea
Kim Green 2/12 (report 3)
International School Dhaka Bangladesh
Ajman Academy UAE 2/12 First time reviewed on ISR 
British School in Baku Azerbaijan 2/12 evaluation 12
m8bet online casino gamesMore horror stories to follow…
English School for Girls Kuwait 2/12 evaluation 3
Owners began employing unqualified teachers. Some came on holiday & became teachers overnight…
Andy Dailey 2/11 (report 3)
m8bet online sports bettingAlbanian College Durres Albania
Jessica Martinez 2/11 First time reviewed on ISR
American International School Abuja Nigeria
m8bet online sports bettingAlbanian College Durres Albania 2/11 evaluation 9 
We haven’t been paid final salaries or received our IB training certificates that the school charged us for… 
Rain Jones 2/10 (report 2)
International British School Alexandria Egypt
Sari Manna 2/10 First time reviewed on ISR 
Ibn Khuldoon National School Bahrain
Australian International School Malaysia 2/10 evaluation 6
It was death by paperwork for many of us teachers. We spent our time writing instead of teaching…
British School Brussels Belgium 2/10 evaluation 2 
Sadly a school that has turned into a business… 
Madiha el Odessy 2/9 (report 2)
International British School Alexandria
Shanghai Singapore International School China 2/9 evaluation 19 
Awesome colleagues. Couldn’t have asked for a better team. We collaborated well & shared ideas…
Victoria International School Sharjah UAE 2/9 evaluation 8 
There is no staff association & no recourse if you choose to take issue with anything that comes your way… 
Austin Heights International School Malaysia 2/9 evaluation 4 
Teachers restricted from communicating with parents without the schools knowledge… 
Chadwick International Korea 2/8 evaluation 4 
If looking for a school with a good life and financial stability, Chadwick could be a possibility for you…
British School Bahrain 2/8 evaluation 11 
m8bet mobile loginI only wish I had seen this website before I joined the school… 
Haileybury International College China 2/8 First time reviewed on ISR 
Dukhan English School Doha Qatar 2/8 evaluation 10
My own experience is completely different and largely positive…
Wesgreen International School 2/5 evaluation 5 
Everything owned by someone connected to school – uniforms, texts, copybooks, food in pathetic cafeteria…
m8bet online sports bettingAlbanian College Durres Albania 2/5 evaluation 8
Pamphlet says school is a “true international school”, but all students are Albanian except teachers’ kids… 
British School in Baku Azerbaijan 2/5 evaluation 11
A family of 3 returning from holiday refused reentry into country as the school had not done any paperwork…
Jennifer Burns 2/4 First time reviewed on ISR 
Access International Academy Ningbo China
Canggu Community School Bali Indonesia 2/4 evaluation 3 
From a parent’s view, using a Wall Street metaphor, the stock price is high & return on capital minimal…
Albanian International School Albania 2/4 evaluation 3 
Below is a copy of my email to the American Ambassador to Tirana…
Jennifer Lees 2/3 First time reviewed on ISR
Kaust School Saudi Arbia
Ralph Maurer 2/3 (report 2)
Nido de Aguilas Santiago Chile
Assumption College Sriracha Thailand 2/3 First time reviewed on ISR 
Qingdao Amerasia International School China 2/3 evaluation 3 
Personally, I enjoy being a parent in Qingdao, and especially at QAIS…
International British School Alexandria Egypt 2/3 evaluation 13 
When teachers leave, they are not replaced & we are asked to m8bet Mobile appcover their lessons with no extra pay… 
Mark Sytle 2/2 (report 2)
Saigon South International School Vietnam
Molly Burger 2/2 First time reviewed on ISR
Saigon South International School Vietnam
Peter Hogan 2/2 (report 2)
Regent’s School Thailand
British School Alexandria Egypt 2/2 evaluation 5
This year there has been a marked improvement and I feel this is solely from the change in management…
Ian Robertson 2/1 (report 5)
Canadian International School Japan
Sultan’s School Oman 2/1 evaluation 8
The overall curriculum is confusing, disorganized and the timetable drives many teachers absolutely mad…
Singapore International School Indonesia 2/1 First time reviewed on ISR
Collegiate American School UAE 2/1 First time reviewed on ISR