January Additions To ISR

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New School Reviews

m8bet online sports bettingRain Jones 1/29 m8bet mobile login
International British School Alexandria Egypt
m8bet sports bettingAmy Hansen-Bhutta 1/29 (report 2)
Glenelg School Abu Dhabi
m8bet online casino gamesInjin Cho 1/29 First time reviewed on ISR 
Global Vision Christian School Korea
Global Vision Christian School Korea 1/29 evaluation 5
Newcomers pour their heart out to improve the school and then get hurt and their efforts dismissed…
St. John’s School Tumon Bay Guam 1/29 evaluation 4 
Classrooms are basic but there is ample technology and the school PTA helps with classroom funds…
m8bet mobile loginSteve Lang 1/28 First time reviewed on ISR
Baobab College Zambia
m8bet Mobile appLily Liu 1/28  First time reviewed on ISR
Xi’an Hi-Tech International School China
British School in Baku Azerbaijan 1/28 evaluation 10
Where to start with this nightmare…
Advance Generations Schools Jeddah Saudi Arabia 1/28 evaluation 4 
There has been a bit of improvement. A new director, has teachers & students interests at heart… 
Beijing Huijia Private School China 1/27 evaluation 5 
The main problem of Huijia as I see it is that it is first a money making factory and last a place of learning… 
Taejon Christian International School Korea 1/27 evaluation 8 
No annual raise this year despite it being in the contract. The contract was broken by the board… 
Jim Stearns 1/26 (report 2)
Victoria International School of Sharjah UAE
British International School Stavanger Norway 1/26 First time reviewed on ISR
International School Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 1/26 evaluation 2 
m8bet online sports bettingPeople might feel afraid to come here…and they would miss out on a very good thing… 
Vienna International School Austria 1/26 evaluation 8 
We have to share classrooms sometimes with 4 or more colleagues…
American International School Abuja Nigeria 1/26 evaluation 6 
On the positive side, community of teachers is great & the school community is welcoming… 
Chris Green 1/25 (report 2)
Bilkent Laboratory & International School
Misr-American College Egypt 1/25 evaluation 5
I’ve been in a few schools where you feel like the inmates are running the asylum; MAC is no exception…
Karachi American School Pakistan 1/25 evaluation 4 
Package has to be one of the best in the world. It’s possible to save up to 80% of one’s salary… 
Mark Cowe 1/22 (report 2)
K International School Tokyo Japan
Yasir Patel 1/22 First time reviewed on ISR
British School Caracas Venezuela
Chrissie Sorenson 1/22 (report 2)
Bavarian International School Germany
International School Vietnam Hanoi 1/22 evaluation 5 
This school has a track record of destroying teacher’s desire to teach…
Al Khor International School Qatar 1/22 evaluation 59 
Teachers are treated as a lesser commodity in this ‘business’ and contracts are significantly changing…
Aoba Japan International School Japan 1/22 evaluation 4 
The work overload is just unbearable…
Samar Dizmen 1/21 (report 2)
Dasman Bilingual School Kuwait
Michelle Kleiss 1/21 (report 3)
American International School Cyprus
Jeff Smith 1/21 (report 2)
International School of Tanganyika Tanzania
Gloria Palacios 1/20 First time reviewed on ISR
Discovery International School Honduras
John Jay Ketterer 1/20 First time reviewed on ISR 
Discovery International School Honduras
Dukhan English School Qatar 1/20 evaluation 9
If you have behaviour problems then you are probably not cut out for teaching in the first place… 
Discovery International School Honduras 1/20 evaluation 10 
Overall package less m8bet sports bettingthen adequate. Salary low compared to cost of living, health insurance poor, housing… 
Robert College Istanbul Turkey 1/20 evaluation 7
Students are citizens who tested at top 5% of country. They’re smart & work very hard to maintain GPA… 
Nova International School Sudan 1/20 evaluation 2
Dates covered in this review: 8/15 – 12/15. I would not recommend this school…
Bryan Ashby 1/19 (report 5)
International Programs School Saudi Arabia
Jim Leahy 1/19 (report 4)
International Programs School Saudi Arabia
SMIC Private School Shanghai China 1/19 evaluation 8
I felt that the last review posted is much too forgiving, especially when it comes to admin’s shortcomings….
Mesaieed International School Qatar 1/19 evaluation 9 
Serious educators need a toolkit of emotional & professional survival strategies… 
Ras Al Khaimah English Speaking School (Rakess) UAE 1/19 evaluation 9
I had 24hrs contact time weekly + form time, after school & duties. This is the norm. It’s insane…
British School Caracas Venezuela 1/19 evaluation 9
Simply put, TBSC is a great school in an otherwise uneasy environment…
International School Tanganyika Tanzania 1/18 evaluation 7 
Great community feel. Truly forward-thinking IB school. However, housing and day-to-day living can be…
American School Milan Italy 1/18 evaluation 9
Emerging school, committed, fun, energetic teachers, admin, students. Life outside ASM is special too… 
Vienna International School Austria 1/18 evaluation 7
Established, well known, with a well deserved reputation for best practice. This aspect can also be a con…
United Private Schools Oman 1/18 evaluation 10
I taught at UPS and can honestly say it is an experience I will never forget…
Andrew Li 1/15 First time reviewed on ISR
Guangdong Country Garden School China
Jay Roy 1/15 (report 2)
GEMS World Academy Abu Dhabi UAE
Bavarian International School Germany 1/15 evaluation 8 
The potential of BIS m8bet sports bettingis huge, the reality is under whelming… 
British International School Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 1/15 evaluation 9 
An earlier review used the term “soul sucking”. That about sums it up… 
GEMS World Academy Abu Dhabi UAE 1/15 evaluation 3 
I gained a lot of PYP experience and PD training, in addition to valuable collaboration with colleagues… 
Audrey Peverelli 1/14 First time reviewed on ISR
GEMS World Academy Etoy Switzerland
Heidelberger Privatschulcentrum Germany 1/14 First time reviewed on ISR
Ivy Collegiate Academy Taiwan 1/14 evaluation 21
ICA is really a fantastic school with great teachers and a wonderful admin staff… 
Victoria International School Sharjah UAE 1/14 evaluation 7
If you can put up with the politics and mediocrity at the school than you will have an overall comfortable life… 
Jereon Gakes 1/13 (report 2)
Yew Chung International School Qingdao China
Dyatmika School Bali Indonesia 1/13 evaluation 3
Definitely the most warm and friendly school I have worked at with super polite and motivated students…
International School Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 1/13 evaluation 24
It is a good school trying to improve in a place that most teachers never consider…
Jim Stearns 1/12 First time reviewed on ISR
Victoria International School Sharjah
Peter Hogan 1/12 First time reviewed on ISR
Regent’s International School Bangkok
Bavarian International School Germany 1/12 evaluation 7
Staff are striking and ready to strike again… 
Ivy Collegiate Academy Taiwan 1/12 evaluation 20
Another positive is that you are given a lot of free reign to try new things in the classroom. Great students… 
Dukhan English School Doha Qatar 1/12 evaluation 8
Restructuring left many staff , senior managers & Headmaster with their services no longer required… 
Beanstalk International Bilingual School China 1/12 evaluation 10
School Management has only one member and that is the owner herself…
Cambridge English School Mangaf Kuwait 1/12 evaluation 4
Teachers have learned not to raise issues anymore, as it only puts a target m8bet mobile loginon their own backs… 
Eric Hamilton 1/11  First time reviewed on ISR
Intern’l Sch. Ho Chi Minh City American Academy
Dean Pyrah 1/11 (report 2)
Victoria International School Sharjah
Nova International School Sudan 1/11 First time reviewed on ISR
Bavarian International School Germany 1/11 evaluation 6
The last review gives an idea that the school is amazing, paradise on earth…
Dean Pyrah 1/8 First time reviewed on ISR
Victoria International School Sharjah
Bali International School Indonesia 1/8 evaluation 11
All in all the school is a great place to work & I struggle to think of negatives that are worth bringing up… 
Taipei European School Taiwan 1/8 evaluation 10
I always felt very safe and loved how people were so tolerant of children…
Ruamrudee International School Bangkok Thailand 1/8 evaluation 43
By Aug 2017, a completely new leadership team will be in place throughout the entire school… 
Nottingham British School Kuwait 1/7 First time reviewed on ISR
Chatsworth International School Singapore 1/7 evaluation 16
Run-down tiny rooms, no grass & prison-like atmosphere. Secondary teachers don’t get own classroom…
Vision International School Qatar 1/7 evaluation 5
I was detained, accused, convicted, thrown out…
Dukhan English School Doha Qatar 1/7 evaluation 7
Unless you feel the need to repent previous abhorrent sins… 
Bahrain Bayan School Bahrain 1/7 evaluation 5
To get them off campus the seniors went on “study leave” in March, they came back in June to graduate…
English School Kyrenia Cyprus 1/6 First time reviewed on ISR
International Programs School Saudi Arabia 1/6 evaluation 4
The school has a serious identity crisis…
International School Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 1/6 evaluation 23
What you may find is that the daily living is so tough that it outweighs some of the positives…
Prem Tinsulanonda International School Thailand 1/6 evaluation 12
The school was a mix of some sort of a commercial m8bet sports bettingventure and a school…
Justin Smith 1/5 (report 2)
Seoul Foreign School Korea
Canadian International School Kunshan China 1/5 evaluation 14
The contract I signed was vague, the school was able to make several changes without my consent….
Nexus International School Malaysia 1/5 evaluation 2
A pleasant place to teach, and you will learn lots from the never-ending new initiatives…
Samar Dizmen 1/4 First time reviewed on ISR
Dasman Bilingual School Kuwait
Seoul International School Korea 1/4 evaluation 34
I would say that SIS was a good place for me to start my international experience…
Rasami British International School Thailand 1/4 evaluation 3
An honest appraisal of the current status of the school by the Headmaster…